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Revising a building requires amendment of the structure or its design first, before undertaking changes on it. This is the same in the revision of a paper, which also requires the adoption of a proper structure during revision. The writer must ensure that steps mentioned in a procedure are arranged in a logical way and give clear information to the reader. In revision of any paper, the author tries to make a smooth transition between various paragraphs. In revising a building, there has to be a smooth transition from the railway line to a park, through the help of nature.

In both revisions, the main goal is to end up with a piece or structure that is more purposeful and clear. When revising a building, the aim is to come up with a structure that would inspire or entertain people. The author revises his paper so that he or she would come up with a piece that would not only inspire and entertain, but also educate and persuade readers. Lastly, both paper revision and building revision focus on development. In paper revision, development is geared towards achieving the goal of writing more effectively, while a building is revised to accommodate the changing needs of time.

In consideration of the audience, the author makes various considerations in his final paper. The revision should focus on the following areas and issues:

  • Identify with audience
  • Address a specific audience
  • Ensure the topic is logical and clear
  • Ensure that the choice of words fit the specific audience targeted
  • Use a familiar context which the audience can easily identify
  • Meet the expectations and the needs of the audience
  • Know what is the most important to your audience.
  • What do you want the audience to understand?