Essay Homework Help on How Rome Changed with the Victory Over Catharge

How Rome Changed with the Victory Over Catharge


The expansion of Rome came with the destruction of its rival Carthage, the victory not only rewarded Rome with plenty of wealth from the spoils of wars, and it welcomed the expansion of the Roman Empire to the west. This left an influence of Roman dominance in the history of Western civilizations. This essay discusses how Rome changed with the victory over Carthage in the Punic Wars, and the taking of the Hellenistic World and how the conquests changed Roman economy and values.

How Rome Defeated Carthage and Rome Conquered Greece

Carthage was a leading trading empire with a strong naval force at the time Rome was gaining dominant in the Mediterranean. Rome felt uneasy with presence of Carthage in Sicily as they thought Carthage would invade Italy. This led to protracted war over dominance of the western Mediterranean due to continued suspicion between the two.

Carthage lost huge army and succumbed to defeat because they lacked land combat skills compared to Rome’s strong army, so they lost Sicily and had to pay damages for waging war against Rome territory. Later Hannibal led Carthage to second Punic war with a strong army after realizing Rome was strong on land. This paid off as they almost defeated the Roman army, though it recovered and with the help of Publius Cornelius Scipio, made Hannibal to retreat and rescue Carthage. The war ended with the defeat of Hannibal by Roman soldiers at the battle of Zama. Rome signed a peace pact with Carthage, halting Carthage involvement in war without Rome’s consent. This showed a last straw that got around the camel back as Carthage was destroyed after attacking Rome’s North Africa ally. Carthage became a Roman province.

How the Conquests Changed Roman Economy and Values

After defeating Carthage, Rome influence spread through the Hellenistic world and supported freedom of the Greek states, resulting in a clash with Macedonia and Seleucids. Through their military conquest and influence, they demarcated territorial boundaries of the Hellenistic kingdoms and brought freedom to Greek states.

Rome amasses huge land, won over Carthage allies, controlled trade routes, enjoyed sustainable security while its disciplined naval and military was unmatched and this increased their wealth  due to capital and huge land it gained from the colonial territory.

Trade shaped the life of Roman citizens who depended on farming that could not support the large empire as imported goods from far off countries inundated the Roman market.

Romans were reluctant to conquer Greek instead; they first controlled Macedonia as Greek states followed the same fortune. Rome attacked the City of Corinth to warn revolting Greek states. Later it conquered Greece by destroying walls and disarming people in its revolting cities. This terrified people, as most like in Thebes fled for fear after, the slaughter of all men in Corinth and enslaving of women and children.

The economy of Rome was slave-based due to the mammoth slaves from Greek, Carthage and the Italy colonies. Slaves also played major role in Roman Cities as artisans, merchants and household servants. Hard workers from Italy were treated as kin. Afterwards on the subjection of the Mediterranean, the use of slave changed. Captured slaves were sold; some were handled as a private property and utilized in dissimilar ways. For instance, the Greeks were in demand, while treatment of slaves was different depended on the owner.

An increase in the number of slaves changed the life style of Roman as abundant, cheap slaves did all the rough work, hence, there was no incentive for technological innovation  as native farmers abandoned farming and moved to the city where life proved difficult to most .

The conquest also assured that Roman culture spread in Mediterranean regions, Hellenistic world and the Western Europe countries such as Spain amongst others. This also allowed them to borrow most of their art, social practices and literature from the Greeks and Etruscans. “They altered it and spread it throughout their empire.” In addition, Roman rule over Hellenistic world had a pervasive impact so much, that many Romans considered themselves to have been as conquered by Greece due to the dominant of Greek civilization in the Rome society. Romans values were altered with conquest, as most of the society weakens its values by focusing on prosperity; the status attainment and materialistic culture, as the Greeks were blamed bringing destructive ideas and practices.

Wealth also increased inequalities within Roman society and practices that challenged traditional values and norms for instance the worship of a deity was valued among the roman family this changed with infiltration of diverse culture in Rome. Rome’s huge possession of land, masses of people and various sources of wealth at their disposal proved too difficult to control as they began to lose hold on people thus forcing them to revert to military rule.

Finally, it is worth noting that, Romans brought civilization and shaped the world. Wars with Carthage transformed Rome, because were it not for them to counter Carthage. Carthage should have remain been dominant and unopposed. Thus, Rome defeated Carthage because its military was large, acquired naval skills, was disciplined and able to face new challenges as victory and glory propel them to conquer and crush the kingdoms like Greek.