English Sample Paper on A Summary of Using Social Media for Employee Benefits Communication

A Summary of Using Social Media for Employee Benefits Communication

This article majors on the benefits of socialmedia to employees in communicating among themselves or between them and the management. It outlines how useful it can be for the employees to communicate via the use of various social media platforms.  Some of the Socialmediaplatforms that influence the ways organizations communicate to their employees include Twitter, company blogs, and online videos. In this article, Jennifer Benz of the Benz communications offers her views on the significance of making use of the socialmedia at workplaces.

One of the most outstanding benefits that have been discussed in this article is on how social media has given the employees a chance to work together practically on nearly all facets of work. It allows workers to ask their questions freely, post ideas, share, read and write on specific project articles using Twitter or the company’s blog.   Social media is all about accessing real time, and personalized information that is on demand. According to the author “Social media is really changing the ways companies are communicating benefits to employees—and those who avoid addressing the issue may find themselves left far behind” (‘Using Social Media for Employee Benefits Communication’, 5)

Another advantage of the social media at the place of work is that the managers and the employees can always keep in touch. Through the use of the mobile devices, communication technology has enabled social networking to take place from anywhere and at any time. This easy networking has been enabled since most smart phones have installed.  Some of these smart phones have applications that allow users to video chat with other persons. These applications such as the Skype have enabled meetings to be held by between members of staff while they may be in different areas, nations or continents.

Another way in which companies and organizations use the social networks for benefitting communication is through using LinkedIn- and Facebook-type intranets. According to Benz “That means the Intranet and the employee profiles become a social network within the organization,” (‘Using Social Media for Employee Benefits Communication’, 7). In a company where the Intranet is used, the employees are expected to have their profile where they can post their photos, areas of interest, and their current projects. Hence, with the advancement of such an application of the social media the organization can be easily managed. It 

The other social media platforms that can be used for employee benefits communication are the podcasts and videocasts. The author defines them as downloadable audio and video clips respectively. The author further states that they are only downloadable and listened to while at the office, and one can not take them home (‘Using Social Media for Employee Benefits Communication’, 5). In conclusion, the paper advises the employers not to block their workers from accessing various social media sites or even ask them not to embrace the current means of communication. This is because the social media is very beneficial for the employee’s communication.

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