English Sample Memo Paper on Feedback on Individual Member Performance


TO: Instructor

FROM: Lisa Young

DATE: October 13, 2014

SUBJECT: Feedback on Individual Member Performance

Group 6 was made up of  Marek Ciestak, Drew VanDyk, and I. Each of us had goals to achieve and promises to fulfill, which were discussed at the beginning of this assignment. Marek Ciestak was our group leader.  His inclusion in the report included the Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Definition, Description, Background, Data, Third topic of Investigation, Fifth topic of Investigation, and References. Marek’s proposal “Raising Minimum Wage” was the one we used for our group assignment since he received an A for it. He was very active during group discussions and was good at time keeping. He ensured that the draft and final paper were posted at the right time.

Drew VanDyk was quite uncooperative during the first two weeks. He responded to the assignments during the third week. Drew was quite a dormant participant in the group discussions but was committed enough to complete and hand in his part of the assignment. His inclusion in the report included the Scope of Inquiry, Limitations of study, First and Second topics of Investigation, as well as the Appendix. I suggest that Drew VanDyk be replaced during our next assignment to achieve a perfect report.

On my part, I fulfilled my promises. My inclusion in the report included Purpose, Team Qualification, Fourth topic of Investigation, Sixth Topic of Investigation, and Conclusion. I ensured that my parts were handed in on time and I actively participated in the group discussions. As a member of the team, I encountered the problem of poor participation from one of our members, which cost us much time. I would give myself a B grade since my proposal was not the best amongst us and we opted to use Marek’s proposal.