English Sample Essay Paper on Design Flyer

Design Flyer

The Literary Movie Club of Purdue University Invites all to a show on adaptations of classic novels On offer are: Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift Tom Jones by Henry Fielding …and many others When: Every Thursday night at 8.00 pm starting from 16th October 2014 Where: Union Ballroom *Discussions to be held after each movie on show.  

The image of the big man tied down by small men is used to depict Gulliver, and give the readers of the flier an idea of what to expect, as it is assumed that most of them are familiar with the story of Gulliver. The flier invites all persons in order to ensure that the students and non-students as well are present in order to improve the attendance and increase the clubs chances of raising more money. The header bearing the name of the club in capitals is made bold in order to make the target audience know that such a club exists and to make it noticeable and readable from a distance. The names of the novels whose adaptations are to be used are in bold, s they are the ones that the viewers will be mostly interested in.

The entry price is left out on purpose, so that the interested individuals that are non-students or not part of the faculty do not feel discriminated. The location query is written in bold while the actual location is not in bold. In the same manner, the time query is in bold while the indicated time for airing the movies is not in bold. This is intentional as well. The fact that the answers to these queries are not in bold is bound to make persons come closer in order to get more information. This in away might encourage skeptical persons to appreciate the activity taking place.