English Sample Essay on Five Years from Now, I will be having a Great Business

Five Years from Now, I will be having a Great Business

Going to an evaluation meeting for the first time can cause tension. However, I believe it starts from being a personal assistant to a Managing Director (it is such a nice feeling to have my colleagues admire the closeness with my employer). I actually live my life for him….having to look executive in my dressing (even when I do not feel like), distancing myself from my colleagues to maintain the bossy image (bosses and their assistants have images to safeguard), sometimes I wish they could know how broke I get but still I cannot borrow from them – what will they think of me, cheap? The contrast is just too sharp; he is living his life- I am faking mine.

In the meeting…

Am representing my boss who is catching a flight in a few minutes…..last minute rush (despite taking all my time to ensure everything he needs for his travel is in place). The meeting is about evaluating the performance of new products in the market and the perception our competitors have of us (the battles I fought to get shelf space for them in supermarkets, crazy)…… Directors from the research company must have a lot to share to pour on me…..the tension is too much.

Praises on my boss start coming in, I meet them with mixed emotions….why does he get credit for the work I did? While I am happy my brand positioning strategies have born fruits, I feel the praises should shift to my side. The guy did very little, while I burned so much midnight oil developing the marketing strategies for these new products.

Before the meeting is concluded, my phone rings….it is my boss! Did I mess his ticket? I squirm in my seat. I am killing myself with worry for nothing, a renowned politician is a willing buyer to some of his property on sale….I must meet him to negotiate a good deal!!!!!

Businesspersons achieve their dreams with the support of the right team. They do very little and reap the most. I have mastered the art, and now looking for the right team. The exposure was after all to my advantage.