English Paper on The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project

The Laramie project is considered as one of the most original drama plays that reflect ways in which different people are able to deal with tragedies that befall them. The project mainly focused on evaluating the different views and opinions of diverse members of the community about unjust occurrences in the society. The play has used Mathew Shepard as the center piece of the plot, and every event thereafter revolves around his death. The project was able to put together an incredible movie that was not only moving and touching but also depressing to some extent.

This project is an important reminder of how freedom of expression and life is important for everyone. It is a reflection of how some members of our society will choose to discriminate on a person due to his or her sexual orientation or their different opinions towards something they disagree with. This project was successful in bringing out the level of ignorance in which human beings have towards situations that they perceive as unacceptable according to their cultural and personal beliefs. Hence, ignorant acts, such as making discriminative comments towards people with different sexual orientations have led to increase in hate and violence.

            The project is very powerful has it helps to familiarize its audience with the weight of the matter that led to the making of this project. The Laramie project in my opinion is able to exploit the effects with which such inhuman acts have on the society. This is evident in that most of the people within Mathew Shaperd’s neighborhood were remorse and condemned how he was murdered. Its structure and presentation has a unique way that mainly focuses on the complex and horrific components that impact the lives of many people (Clea et al 2).

The actors on the other hand showed a lot of dedication and passion while role playing in the movie. In most of their acts, one could tell that the actors were fully engaged and drew a lot of their inspiration from the heart and soul. In addition, each of the scenes in this performance was well narrated and the settings engaged the audience even more. Though the director seemed to have quite a challenging time while directing the movie, it was still engaging. The film changes human perspective on how some people will quickly dismiss a person solely based on their sexual orientation, race or even their political stand.

The film was able to use the honest views of the residents of Laramie from the interviews conducted and enables the audience to use this as a reflective mirror of our own selves. The cast brilliantly expose how each person’s opinion matters in times when their community is faced with tragedy. The director of the movie used this strategy in an impressive way to assist the audience in understanding Mathew’s world with an open mind. Through this, most people watching the film will have a different perspective on how he or she views people of different sexual orientation.

However, I believe that the play version of this project is more interesting than the movie itself. The movie although it is very captivating it lacks touch of insight depth that characters in the stage version portray. The play succeeds to use six to ten characters but still manages to consistently tell the story without leaving out parts of it. This if compared to the movie whereby if the actors and the camera lighting are done away with the sense and message of the movie will lose its value. Thus, the characters in the play appear to be more real in life while performing in the theatre than the actors and actress in the movie version.

However, the story line remains to be captivating and points out the issue being portrayed as a serious matter that people should be educated on. The Laramie project was able to create awareness on the way most gay people face discrimination within their society solely based on the negative believes of fellow human beings. The movie managed to draw the attention of every member within the society towards horrific acts being performed on fellow humans due to their sexual orientation. This movie reminds us on the importance of freedom in any aspect of our lives and that everyone is entitled to live their own lives without discrimination.

Regardless of the disappointing aspects within the project, it is a great movie that moves the audience that takes time to watch it. The movie exceptionally sticks to the main ideas, thus succeed in sending the intended message to its audience. It tells the story of Mathew Shapard in such a beautiful way that leaves the audience yearning for more. The director and his cast did an amazing job in the performance and production of the movie. They also succeeded in getting the story through to many people those with both the negative and positive opinions about gay people. It is a well-narrated story both in play and in the movie setting (Clea et al 7).

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