English Essay Sample Paper on A memorable experience of my life

A memorable experience of my life

 The most unforgettable experience in my life is when my sister a moment when my sister returned home from France after 20 years. She had left for France, 20 years ago, and according to the arrangements, she was to return home after five years. The main purpose of her travel was to seek education in one of the leading learning institutions in Paris.

It so happened that when she left, she had no option but to complete her entire studies; up to Ph.D. levels, as a way of taking advantage of the scholarship that she was awarded. On that moment that she returned, my family and I were so happy; believe me this was the single unforgettable joyful experience of my life. I was overwhelmed with joy to an extent that I shed tears, not because of sorrow, but because of joy.

We used to Skype, made phone calls, communicate in Facebook, among other social sites for the purposes of updating us on this side, which made me more anxious to meet her. I became more eager to meet her; from her sweet voice and words.

She brought me some football jersey for Arsenal and the French football club, which released the joyful part of me. The most surprising thing was my portrait that she had come with from France, decorated with well French art. Indeed, I didn’t believe meeting again with my sister, for the last 20 years, since we saw one another. I didn’t feel her smell for all that long, neither did she feel mine.

The other feeling that I developed was gratitude. That was the moment that indeed I felt the highest level of recognition within in my life; receiving some gifts from France. I wasn’t expecting any gift from her. The desire to see her swept away any idea of receiving presents. This moment marked my first day to fit in a French suit. I was overwhelmed with other gifts and surprises that she brought me from France.

This marked the most memorable experience in my life, and I will live to remember it. I have had other moments in my life that have led to bad experiences, but this marks the best and most memorable. I will to remember it and give the story to my children; in future.