English Essay Paper on Invent and Describe a New Food

Invent and Describe a New Food

New Sandwich

The kind of food that I would like to invent is a new type of sandwich. The sandwich would have some juicy steak and fillets on it. I would also add a small amount of bread on the edges. Then the new food will have different shapes and sizes.

To cook my sandwich, I will first pick up the bread. Because Sourdough is fluffy but firm and in addition, it has juicy flavor, I will have it among the ingredients. I used 30 seconds to toast the bread so that it would not get soggy. I put the horseradish spread on the bottom slice and left the top slice. I did not use the cheese since it did not work with my main ingredient. On the bottom slice, I put the skirt steak. The edges of the bread are hung off where I thought it would look better. The food should look as tasty as it should, and as suggested by my dad.

I spooned some mild organic salsa, which was made using a large amount of tomato juice, onions, and cilantro from a frigde.I put three cocktail shrimp on the salsa. I then placed a grouper fillet on top and put the lemon after over it. Finally, I put ripped down cilantro leaves on the bottom and covered it all with pieces of bread.

Many people who look at what I make always encourage me. I like cooking but am always scared not to burn myself. I like making sandwiches because I like seeing everything on the table including ingredients. The ingredients that are used to prepare sandwiches smell wonderful whereby I do enjoy, and especially when horseradish is used.