English Critical Thinking Essay on Abortion Legislations in Texas

Audience: Healthcare Regulators and Government

Abortion Legislations in Texas

            It is very true that most of the clinics in Texas deserve to be closed based on standardized concerns in quality healthcare giving. However, requiring abortionist physicians to be within 30 miles of a hospital is impractical based on the sparse hospital distribution in the large state of Texas. Closure may increase the unemployment rate which to a large extent can fuels poverty. Clinics are called so because of their inability to meet full hospital requirements thus requiring them to have a hospital size facility is not economical and realistic.

 The author uses pathos in appealing to the readers’ emotions through applying emotional words in his chosen quotes. An example is the start of the Miller Hagstrom speech, “It’s heartbreaking…” (Fernandez 1). He uses Logos to create a reasonable perception of choice of the pill in terms of cost reduction in terms of cash and time. The effectiveness in declaring statistics to pass across He has applied the Toulmin Schema effectively through declaring facts and giving them authority through enough backing evidence. He states a situation where massive inconvenience arises from clinics closures by indicating overcrowding in sparsely positioned hospitals yet a good number of women cross over to Mexico for the pill (Fernandez 1).

The end result is punishment of the rural folks and some of the urban population faced with unemployment or leaving more than 30 miles away from hospitals. The legislation requirements are valid but a balance has to be struck between health concerns, social demographics and the Texas economic environment. Cost and travel time implications in the abortion process are critical decision making considerations that override the legal aspects of the closure of clinics.

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