Education Sample Essay on The Value of Call

The Value of Call

                CALL is an acronym for Computer Assisted Language Learning and is the employment of computer technology in language classes. The use of CALL in language classes includes virtual learning and the use of voice recognition software for practice of pronunciation. CALL has led to faster dissemination of language skills as students can learn from distant locations as well as better revision techniques. As shown below the use of CALL has led to better teaching methods through the 8 conditions for language learning and several benefits versus a non-CALL class.

            The authentic audience is the most important condition for active learning as it is through an authentic audience that the learners can know how successful they are in communication. An authentic audience differs from a classroom audience as a classroom audience can be accustomed to the learner’s mistakes and understand themwith the mistakes which others cannot. An authentic audience also enables the learner to learn the rules of informal spoken language as they cannot only rely only on the expressions that they have learnt in class. Authentic audience demonstrates how well a user has learnt the language such as ordering a meal in a real restaurant in comparison to practicing the same words in class to a student or teacher.

            CALL classes will benefit me as I will learn how to speak with others who are not familiar with my accent and has accelerated the learning process for me. A CALL class teaches students to be prepared for a difference in comprehension between those in the class and an authentic audience as well as giving feedback to reduce language mistakes. CALL also supports the learners’ autonomy through access to websites and software, which they can access at their most suitable time.