Education Sample Essay on The Positive Side of Challenges

The Positive Side of Challenges

            It is not possible for one to lead a life that is free of problems be it socially, academically or economically. The challenges may affect one’s life negatively making them miserable. However, viewing the challenges as learning opportunities can help one overcome the problems and make their lives better. Even the successful lifelong learners know that in life there are challenges that they might face. Facing such challenges is not an issue but the success in life depends on the reactions that people have towards the problems.  The challenges are no longer a problem when they are taken as opportunities for growth.

            As an information technology student, my biggest challenge was the inadequate faith in academic success. I did not believe that I could make it in the information in the technology field and often viewed myself as a failure. I even considered changing my career to a less complicated field, but I learned that there was no easy way to success. Despite the availability of academic tools and support, I realized that I had to work on my attitude and believe in my abilities. I started attending all the classes, and I made sure that I spent most of my free time in the library researching on topics on information technology. With time, I developed an interest in the field, and my success in class boosted my morale even further. To date, I am one of the best information technology students, and I owe all the success to the challenge that I faced at the beginning. It is thus important for individuals to look at challenges positively and work towards turning them into growth opportunities.