Education Essay Sample on Creating Inclusive College Classrooms

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms

This article was very insightful in the sense that inclusive classroom enhances efficiency and effective delivery. Students and learners have to actively contribute during the lesson. This ensures that student from multicultural background express their ideas and beliefs. The ordeal creates an environment where all cultures have a leveled playing field. There are some considerations that need to be made so that all groups participate favorably. They include accommodation for all groups, attendance by students, cultural reference points, instructional strategies and grading (Saunders & Kardia, 2009). This goes hand in hand with grouping the students in diverse groups for learning.

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

The article talks about the cultural diversity amongst students. Teachers should develop a curriculum that is inclusive in nature. Having a culturally responsive learning and teaching environment motivate students because they feel supported and included in the learning experience. Management is central to the structuring of a good curriculum. These are some of the issues that I extracted from this article (Oran, 2009).  Moreover, strategies adopted by institutions to address the diverse needs of their specific student increases the chances of good performance amongst their student population.

Making Excellence Inclusive: Higher Education’s LGBTQ Contexts

 The education sector has experienced drastic changes inform of gender role and diversity. To incorporate people desire and perspective in life in the curriculum requires strategic planning by instructors. This document features different model of study to be applied for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ). Democracy is one of the issues widely covered by the author. Teachers should put in mind the cultural and gender diversity amongst learners who needs their services. Thus, it brings revolution to the education sector which has grappled to adapt to the new way of life (Campbell, 2012).


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