Education Essay Paper on The positive effects of being bilingual on an international student

 The positive effects of being bilingual on an international student


            Globalization has drastically changed the traditional education pattern all around the world. The course of latest inventions and innovations has also re-shaped the role and importance of higher studies in the life of international students. Apart from regular students, the terms, issues, concepts in the life of International Students are quite different. Bilingualism is also one of those concerns which occupy large space in the life of international students. 21st century has opened new horizons of higher studies aboard however still there are some issues or concerns on the part of international student which is needed to be addressed. The positive effects of being bilingual on an international student are largely dependent on their natural ability and cognitive behavior towards the learning of multiple languages.

Statement of Problem

“Bilingualism can be helpful in the process of increasing the creativity of the people and the cognitive abilities that can be associated with a person”

Thesis Statement

Have the ability to learning multiple languages.   

Research Question

What are the positive effects of being bilingual on an international student? 

Body of paper

            This research paper critically revolves around the large scale positive effects of being Bilingual for an international student. Before starting the discussion it is important first to define the term. Bilingualism is a unique term which is specifically used for pointing out the ability of an individual to effectively communicate in two entirely different languages. The term associated with Bilingualism is, Bilingual Education which is widely used in teaching two different languages according to the class room instruction. In broader context, being bilingual is somehow or other very much important or even compulsory in order to successfully complete his or she studies in a foreign country. (, 2014)

            The term of Bilingualism has widely being used in different contexts however for this research paper it is restricted to the description of International Students. There are large concerns in the learning of a new language specifically in a foreign country which have entirely different social, economic and even religious set up than one’s own native land. (Green, March 1986)

            For an international student, it becomes compulsory to adopt  n effective learning behavior towards the foreign culture he or she has selected for higher studies. In this regard it becomes the first step to get familiar with the language being spoken in that country. For instance, United States of America is a multi-cultural society with immensely diversified groups of people belonging to different countries, regions, ethnic groups and even demographics. Therefore it is not possible for an international student to know all the languages or terms in the society. To get familiar with the basic concepts or patterns of living in a forego country it is best for the students to have considerable access over the common language being spoken in that cultural set-up. (, 2014)

            There are large scale- benefits of being bilingual for an international student who not only wanted to successfully complete their studies but also to enjoy their stay at that country. However, the positive effects of being bilingual are greatly dependent or influenced by large number of features. Apparently these features seem to be secondary in importance but practically they do have impact on the learning and development pattern of international students. In simple words, to enjoy the significant rather positive effects of being bilingual, each student have to adopt certain behaviors or aptitude towards the learning of second langue. Following is a brief but purposeful description of all those features which enables international students to have the positive effects of being Bilingual. (Kalkan, 10.09.2014)

            The first and foremost feature which play key role in the learning a foreign second language is the natural ability of learning which largely varies from an individual to another. Accordingly, the natural modes of flexibility towards the learning of new or foreign language  by every student pave the way towards successful learning of a new language. Generally, those students who show more passion, excitement or enthusiasm towards learning easily get access over the basic rules or principle or foreign language. The second vital feature also belongs to the natural abilities which are said to be God-Gifted and it is the Cognitive behavior of an international student. To learn another language pr the term of Bilingualism is but that simple phenomenon as it seems to be. To successfully learn another language ultimately requires or demands much more careful and critical planning and learning. (, 2014)

            The positive effects or benefits of being Bilingual in the 21st century are dynamic for the international students. The super ability of speaking or having access over more than one language is not just a social advantage rather it is attached with many other practical advantages as well. At one hand it enhances their access over the basic linguistic concepts while living in a foreign country. Large number of research work has been done in this regard to critically analyze the positive effects of being bilingual for an international student. There are very few which represent credible information and access over the subject matter. (Kalkan, 10.09.2014)

            According to the research study published in “Science Direct”, there is a direct relationship or interaction between the positive effects of bilingualism and reserving in the working of memory tasks. Accordingly the Bilingualism largely enhances the working memory of an individual in  sequence. This study also highlights the fact that the higher levels of bilingual proficiencies are directly attached with the advanced verbal working memory performance and presentation as well. This research based article authentically represent significant relationship between being Bilingual and the efficient working memory performance of any individual including an international student. (Aylin C. Küntaya, 2014)

            The emerging trend of multiculturalism all around the globe, requires international students to have access over the basic concepts and terminology of the second language not only to successfully complete their course of studies but also to fully enjoy and get facilitated by their stay in a foreign country. Apart from the general benefits discussed for the international students for learning two languages, there are some particular as one which are needed to be discussed here. According to the research conducted by the “” the bilingual brain or those having natural abilities of learning new language ultimately have better attention and the remarkable task-switching capacities as compared to the monolingual brains. Therefore it can be said that the positive effects of being bilingual for an international student is not limited to their educational field but it also critically includes several healthy, positive and social effects as well. (Viorica Marian, October 31, 2012)

            The positive effects of being bilingual on an international student are largely dependent on their natural ability and cognitive behavior towards the learning of multiple languages. In a nut shell it can be said that no factor adds into the learning or development pattern of and second language for an international student other than his or her own natural abilities along with the cognitive behaviors. Therefore to enjoy the large scale positive benefits of being bilingual it is compulsory for every international student to first get good command over the basic concepts, definitions and terminology of a foreign country. It will not only ease their studies but also will enable them to have positive, effective and successful communication and interaction in his or her surroundings.


            In the research study for this assignment, international students were accessed who have an access over two languages at a time. They were asked questions or surveyed inside their university campus. Before handling them the questionnaires to be answered they were briefly informed about the nature and purpose of the issue selected for this research study. In order to convince the students for an active and efficient response, convincing sampling was used as a measure. Total fifty students were accessed to participate in the research survey however only forty among them agreed to fully participate in the research study.

Research Problem

The prepared questionnaires were purposefully typed in the English language. The mode of questions by interviewer and the response of participants were also in English language. To get their responses confirmed, interviewer person carefully encircled the right options and finally note down the response of all the participants once after confirming their responses.

Theoretical Framework

An important feature to specify here was the fact that informed consent of the questionnaire surveys were mainly obtained by the interviewer. The general purpose of the research study in real time was to examine the response of participants as the survey was completed by the interviewer. There was no such need of any follow-up as the participants actively engaged in the research and their responses were also recorded in the real time. Only 40 participants were agreed to participate

Type of Design

The Researcher will do case study with international students who is the significant aim for this research as a small group of participants, or a group as a whole


Role of the Researcher Including Qualifications

The Researcher is going to be the interviewer. His name is Hani Alghamdi who is a teacher and he is part of education in Saudi Arabia.  Also, he is studying her Master’s degree in Adult Education at UIW University.