Education Essay Paper on Physiology of behavior

Activity 2

I chose the topic of sleep disorders for the first class assessment. I think that sleep disorder is a major health problem in the society. Thus, I thought I should gain more understanding on the nature and the causes of sleep disorders. The condition of sleep disorders involves the problem of falling asleep, and other situations include too much sleep and abnormal behaviors. In selecting the topic of sleep disorders, I focused that there would be adequate internet medical research and information relating to the condition. Most important, I have had a personal experience and troubles with my sleeping patterns. This triggered my desire to understand what causes sleep disorders and if there are any available remedies.

In order to gain additional information and understanding of sleep disorders, I visited different sites. The sites include medical websites, blogs, wordpress, and YouTube. The YouTube videos were very helpful in explaining the nature and the cases of sleep disorder among the different patients. It offered a visual aid on the understanding of the situation. This was crucial in my detailed analysis of the problem of sleep disorders (Carlson, 2013). The blogs and wordpress accessed were also significant in documenting person views on the causes of sleep disorders. The blogs has personal accounts of people’s experiences that helped me to understand how deal with my situation. Medical websites and medical foundation sites were also helpful in providing a comprehensive analysis of the medical situation.  Most medical care organization comprises well-designed websites that explains the nature of sleep disorders. I also visited Pinterest to get a full understanding of the nature of the sleep disorders. I also researched and analyzed the information present in the Wikipedia. The Wikipedia had good information relating to the cases of sleep orders. The research helped me in making significant conclusions and recommendations relating to the condition of sleep disorders. As a result, the different sites were informative and crucial in getting information on the condition of sleep disorders.

 From my research, I was able to understand that there are more than 100 different forms of sleeping disorders. However, they can be into four major forms including insomnia, excessive sleepiness, adverse sleep rhythms and disruptive sleep actions. In addition, I was able to known that sleep disorders can occur in both the short term and long term. For example, episodes of sleeping problem could last for 2 weeks or even for years.  In spite of my perception that sleep discords are caused by personal actions, I realized that there are some medical conditions and illnesses that could cause sleep disorders (National Institutes of Health, 2014). These include low thyroid function, mononucleosis, narcolepsy, and obesity. If there are no clear causes of sleep disorders that can be identified, the condition is usually known as idiopathic hypersomnia.   

After careful research of the sites, I discovered the available ways towards treating the sleep disorders.  The treatment interventions include the behavioral treatment, rehabilitation and management, medication and other somatic approaches of medication. The persons affected are expected to select one appropriate approach dependng on their diagnosis, medical history, and the expertise of the clinicians (National Sleep Foundation, 2014). Moreover, special equipments may be used to control the severity of sleep disorder condition. Such equipments include bruxism and the obstructive apea. Based on the above research, I was able to gain full knowledge relating to the condition of sleep disorders among the various individuals.


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