Education Essay on Saudi Arabia Education System

Saudi Arabia Education System

Saudi Arabia became a nation in 1932 and has developed past the social problems in the country, managing to create a free world where the people will be able to study and live better lives for themselves. The education system in the country has resulted in the people becoming more devoted to the things that they do and thus the need for a better education system. The education system of the country allows for people to be able to create the best things that they can from the things that they own. The aim of this paper will be to look into the education system of Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, the education system will need to change and for a teacher, they would need to create a connection with the students. This connection will make the education system easier and better for the teachers and the students alike. The students that would most benefit from this initiative are those that have difficulties and special needs. These are students that have impaired learning or physical abilities. These difficulties may make the students feel like they are less important in a classroom. For a teacher, it is important to give extra attention to the students that have difficulties because it is they that may be faced with a harder time in the classroom.

Students with academic and behavioural challenges need to take advantage of the teaching system where they are able to interact with their fellow students. The reason for this will be because the students will mingle with other students and teachers. The connection between the students and the teachers will allow for better results in the classroom and thus better members of society in the long run.

Furthermore, some encouragement from their parents will allow for the children, be they with behavioural or academic challenges, to do better in everything they take part. Encouragement from parents allows for the child to have an increased self-esteem in everything they do and thus better results in activities.

The government has set standards for the education of children that have special needs. Schools for children that have physical disabilities are built so as to ensure that the students are alike and comfortable among each other. The government makes sure that the students are well treated and given the best services possible.

In conclusion, the education system of Saudi Arabia is one that encourages the children to do their best in class but with some changes to the system, the country’s system has the potential to be better.