Education Critical Thinking Paper Sample on Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

Global citizenship is a personal or collective state characterized by awareness, cultural diversity and caring about global matter that pertains to political, social and economic life. There are several advantages accrued to educating people about global citizenship as indicated in the video as follows. First, people are able to co-exist peacefully despite coming from diverse communities as well as background. This ensures that people become ready to act and aware of global issues that inhibit their peace. Thus, they contribute to global issues that may help improve the situation. Secondly, education aids instill prosocial values that include intergroup empathy, value diversity, intergroup helping and social justice. These values are critical to the development and corporation between diverse communities and individual at global level. Third, teaching of global values aids raise a motivated community that is not only dedicated to pursue normative environment but also responsible for their acts.

The outcomes of global citizenship has assisted me enhance my global identity as outlined by the values discussed below. The first outcome is intergroup empathy that enables me to share grieve with people from different background. Secondly, valuing diversity is a value that influences my interrelationship and respect for other culture in the world. Third, social justice is concerned with the distribution of resources amongst people from different countries. This insinuates that wealthy countries may donate help to poor countries. Forth, environmental sustainability incorporates protecting the natural resources such as planting trees and conserving natural habitats. Five, intergroup helping is deeply rooted in me.

My affinity for helping others irrespective of their social, ethnic or race affiliation is beyond any doubt. Lastly, I am determined to champion for the right actions by our leaders in tackling global problems. The level of responsibility to act for the betterment of this world has been raised a notch higher by this value. The environment I am in inhibits these outcomes in one way or another. One of the ways through which the environment affects my contribution is the adoption of retrogressive culture that is detrimental to progress. This culture pulls me back as I intend to offer a helping hand to groups in the region. Another way is about the hatred spread through stereotype that sidelines certain community. 

I have experienced global citizenship at different levels. The first example, I got engaged in a local initiative to help foreign students evacuate a hostile situation where the local communities protested that the local university was admitting foreign students at the expense of local students. My friends and I helped cool the situation hence offered intergroup assistance that saw foreign student come out of the situation unhurt. Another occasion that demonstrates the growth of global citizenship is donation towards the saving of war victim. The donation was in form of money and material items such as clothing. I volunteered as a support staff to enhance the collection activities. This involved mobilizing the community to come together and show their support to the global community. This is part of my participation and contribution towards the process of finding a solution to the problems that the world is faced with. To do this, I required moving out of my comfort zone and dedicating my time and money to oversee the success of the endeavor. Working together with members of the Red Cross society, the process ended up so well and in a successful manner.

Some of the courses that influenced my perception and perspective on global matters include international relations and philosophy studies. These are just but some of the general course that I undertook at various levels in my education life.  Education has been very supportive in shaping my behaviors and feelings towards people from diverse community, ethnic background and social class. Respect is another aspect that I was in a position to acquire from the helm of education. Another way through which education has played a key role in directing and focusing my attention to global corporation is informing me about my responsibilities as a citizen. The world is interconnected; therefore, citizens have the responsibility to care for one another. In addition, participating in political and social issues is a responsibility of every person living in the globe irrespective of their social status.

Education acts as a channel through which information is passed and responsibilities are communicated to the people. Furthermore, education taught me to conserve the environment. The environment is crucial in the determination of global sustainability in term of food security and human wild life conflict. With increased deforestation and pollution of environment, the world becomes a harsh place to live in. This is because hunger and disasters strikes people who turn against each other.  Therefore, protecting the most precious and God given resources facilitates human existence and dependency to the environment. Environmental degradation in one region affects other regions in the world hence need to take care. Lastly, learning about geographical composition and effects of human actions towards sustainability increased my knowledge to Global Citizenship.