Economics Essay Paper on Business Ethics and Profits

 Business Ethics and Profits

            In the modern business environment, the issue of business ethics is fading away. It is true that many companies and organizations have violated their own code of conduct and social responsibilities to make huge profits. The issue that is burning in many organizations is the choice of whether a business should aim at making a profit or act ethically. I think a business organization should aim at making a profit by using the right methods and acting social responsive. Many scholars including Milton Friedman argues that the primary motive of business enterprises is to make profit (Duska 45). On the contrary, an organization that maintains ethical conduct is taken advantage of in the modern ruthless business environment. Recently, customers are not concerned about the management of a business organization or the ethicality of a business; they are concerned about a brand of a product from a known company. According to Duska (37), business organizations that engage in necessities and non-profit organization should not be driven by profit, but acting responsibly to the society.

            The profit oriented business organizations are increasing harm to other people and community. Private organizations including private health care are illegally making huge profits overcharging medicine and health facilities. A senior manager can refuse to admit a patient because of his/her greediness for money. Organization should adapt Christian ethics and put humanity before money and profits (Duska 33). There is no sense in business organizations killing one another by giving money the highest priority. Duska (27) argues that business ethics and profits go hand in hand in any business organization. Duska (34) proposes that a business organization can prioritize profit while they adhere to code of conduct, government regulations, and humanity. Organization should act ethically and leave the customers the obligation to purchase goods willingly.

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