Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation Writing Tips

  Gather requirements

Before you begin the task of dissertation writing, gather up all the requirements you will need including the following:

–          Instructions

–          Word limit

–          Submission date

–          Formatting and presentation guidelines

–          Tutorial support( choose a supervisor)

Make a time plan

Design a workable dissertation writing plan and stick to it. Ask yourself how much time you have before the deadline. Make sure it’s tailored to meet your deadlines. Just make sure that you are realistic to avoid adding more time you might need for other activities.

Your dissertation writing plan should take into account other responsibilities. However, do not plan to spend the entire day on writing; this will increase the chances of boredom. Give yourself time to relax in between writing. Tackle a small task every day to keep you focused on your dissertation.

Make short notes

Make short notes in the sections you will want to write first before you go on. Short notes make it easier for you to start writing the next time you feel up to the task. They also act as guides when conducting research.

 Start writing

Write something daily without following any specific order. However do not leave your write-up hanging, leave a note to remind you where you stopped and why. Do not force yourself to do a section if you do not feel like doing it.

 Choose a location

Do not force yourself to write from the home, classroom, or library, choose anywhere else you feel comfortable with. If your room looks stuffy, you’ll definitely not be comfortable writing. Of course, if you have children, dogs, cats, and TV, that’s enough distraction from your dissertation. Get a quiet location that will allow you to concentrate on dissertation writing.

Finally, seek support from your family members, colleagues, friends, professors, and supervisor. The support will surely help smooth up things along the way.