Dissertation Length – How Long Should It Be?

Dissertation Length – How Long Should It Be?

The length of a dissertation varies according to the type of a dissertation, the subject, and the topic. A Ph.D. dissertation for instance covers more pages than a Masters’s dissertation. In addition to that, a dissertation generally is much broader than a thesis, although this is quite debatable. Clearly though, academic level contributes to the length of a dissertation.

A dissertation in most institutions around the world is the culminating piece of one academic career. It is a lengthy project that requires extensive research, more effort, and more time. The main purpose of a dissertation is to use previous research work to introduce or add new research. As such, you can only explore a dissertation topic after extensive reading.

Acceptable length

Firstly, note that there are no universal rules on the length of a dissertation because the standards vary for each university. Some institutions may provide general guidelines while others do not specify. Whatever the case, an appropriate length should cover your topic area exhaustively. Typically, dissertation length ranges from 50 to 150 pages, although others may go up to 200 pages.

If unsure about dissertation length, consult the adviser for further clarification. All the same, you shouldn’t worry yourself about the length, think of the project as your first book. A book is obviously longer than an article or paper. With this in mind, you’ll find that writing the dissertation will be much easier.

Length should not intimidate you

As earlier mentioned, the length of a dissertation should not cause panic, content is much more important. Before you set your mind on 200 pages, why not confirm from your advisor or institution’s guidelines. Instead of worrying about the number of pages, spend time hunting for a suitable topic, reading previous research work and literature.

If you have studied enough then dissertation length should not be a problem.