Developing a Case Study Topic

The first step towards writing an assignment, a case study not being an exception, is coming up with a case study topic. It is after coming up with the case study topic that you can engage in other crucial steps of writing a case study such as determining the method of data collection, the stakeholders, and the research sample among others.

How do you develop and determine the most suitable topic for your case study?

In an academic setting, students may have the privilege of determining the most suitable topic to settle for, but in the professional world, researchers may not have that luxury. When selecting a topic on which to write a case study, use the criteria given below:

a)      Relevance– the case study topic you set must be addressing prevalent issues in society.

b)     Significance– is the case study topic you have chosen affecting a significantly big group or does it affect just a few individuals.

c)      Interest– the topic you choose ought to be interesting to you, and should attract a wide readership.

d)     Feasibility– you must finish writing a case study within a specific period. Failure to do this will automatically result to a disqualification or a penalty. You need to consider the resources required to complete the assignment within a specific time, and how available are these resources.

How to select a topic for a case study

When writing a case study, you can employ any of the following procedures to come up with a topic:

a)      Brainstorming- most suitable, and recommended.

b)     Engaging in discussions with your tutor- it can give you an idea of what subject or perspective you can adopt in writing a case study.

c)      Discussing with colleagues- you need to have an open mind to receive ideas they may present.

d)     Contacting professional case study writing services-they give customized topics or advice on how to develop one.