Custom Writing Service Marketing Paper on Unicorn LLC



Business organization have to create a marketing plan that will enable the their products or services of the company are well known in the market and also known by a large number of people. It is through creating positive and working marketing plans, that businesses are able to register better sales records. Our company, therefore comes in to help businesses to have better marketing policies and marketing strategies, that would boost the performance of their business operations, and mostly yield more profits. Unicorn basically, understands first the needs and challenges of a business and from those issues, Unicorn develops strategies and ideas that will enable the business to be in a better position to secure its equity and perhaps debt.

From the different qualified and determined professionals in the Unicorn company, the company’s services and quality development solutions are able to be distinguished from competitor’s price and level of quality in the services and products. The Unicorn entire staff is committed to delivering the best ideas and solutions to clients who seek for the company’s services. Unicorn moreover offers a wide range of business ideas and strategies to be undertaken by a business, and this can be determined from the past records of the company. Unicorn focuses on considering offering a positive service and product size with an understanding of a business agenda and objectives.

The Unique Selling Proposition is a marketing concept that usually focuses on advertisement patterns to boost the awareness of a product or service. By creating a business that customers love, Unicorn has created a unique selling proposition for the market place. Through this USP, the company has been able to appear different in the market place, from its competitors and also differences in service delivery and business operation. Offering services that stand out from the competitors, is one of the many differences Unicorn has created in the market place.

Unicorn Company considers having achievable and positive objectives of the company for the purpose of attracting more clients and achieving marketing targets of the company. Due to the fact that the economy has grown small businesses that are pushing to strive for success, the Unicorn company comes in with the objective of assisting mostly these companies to be successful in its operations. By offering new marketing strategies for these companies and also new markets, these companies seeking the unicorn services have experienced a change in its profitability and operations. The company however, builds a relationship with these small companies (depending on the operations and services provided) and international companies, that are able to help in marketing the services and products of these small companies.

The fact that the Unicorn company basically focuses on assisting small businesses to grow, by coming up with ideas and marketing strategies that would benefit the business, Unicorn has to consider areas with business that are competing with large and well financed companies that explore them in the market place. In that the big business, usually exploit the small competing businesses through are large amounts of capital and mostly clients. The company also focuses on areas with a number of companies in a marketplace rather that a marketplace dominated by one company. A market that is being dominated by a few companies, usually have created barriers to entry into the market by other potential competitors. In a market area with a number of businesses competing to have the greatest market share, Unicorn comes in to assist a business uniquely in order to have the greatest share of the market.

Businesses that have effective strategies to supply its goods and products to its major customer base, usually create efficiency to customers acquiring these goods and services at less cost. Therefore, maintaining loyal customers by a business is a major aspect of a business since these customers help in increasing the business’ revenue. In creating strategies to better service delivery in customer bases, it is important for businesses to consider the level of increase in that market, in terms of goods and services, the level of competition in the market and the future expectations of the market, whether its future would be less productive or more productive. In a competitive position of an organization that shows the market is competitive and is strong, then an organization needs to have a marketing strategy that will increase its demand and sales of the existing products, in the current and also in new markets. If an organization discovers that its market has a strong sector, but less competitive, it will need to make difficult decisions where it has made more service delivery to the few niche markets, and in small amounts. The strategies should basically focus on increasing its level of penetration into the market for the existing products and services. In a market where the company faces high competition but the sector is weak, the organization should make marketing strategies that consider adding related products and services in the market for the existing customer base and reduce the level of related products and services in current customer bases. However, an organization in this market can create a joint venture in unrelated markets (Kachru, 2005, p. 262).

            Marketing goals for promotions and offers for customers, is a major aspect that the Unicorn company considers and should be undertaken by companies to increase the popularity of its goods and services in different areas and also increase the use of the products and services by more customers. Therefore, it is through promotions, offers and giveaways, that marketing bodies of companies, are able to communicate by informing, persuading and reminding current clients and other buyers, with the intention of influencing an opinion (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2012, p. 514). However, the mode of communication to be used by the marketing bodies of companies, should be channels that will enable the marketing team have immediate feedback from its target audience. It is through these procedures that the company will be able to understand what consumers expect from their services and products, and therefore coming up with strategies to better the quality of service delivery, and products and services of the company.


It is therefore an essential requirement for businesses consider having marketing strategies that will help the organization meet its goals and objectives. A business could be able to have positive and achievable objectives, but through creating strategies that are not helpful to achieving these objectives, will not be useful to the business since it will have to spend more on resources to boost sales, yet they yield less income as it is expected. However, unique strategies that would help in business operations will make a business create it self uniquely  in the market and more clients will be impressed for the high unique quality the company offers just like the Unicorn company.


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