Custom Writing Service Essay Paper on Online Sources of Information on Environment

Online Sources of Information on Environment


Internet as a medium of exploration has generally opened up the education sector. With its outstanding elements that are accessed world wide by nearly 33% of the overall world’s population. Through the interconnection of computers, millions of users can now discuss topics, make important work groups, research for new ideas, advertise their products and services, communicate relevant information and entertain themselves. We are also joined by social networks used all over the world by subscribers; this makes us get the resources and techniques from experts and the users.

How online sources are used to learn about the environment

Environment is a broad topic that I used to scrutinize the online aids in its colorful and extended sub-branches. The main area of view includes; pictures, word expressions and descriptions, high quality environmental videos and graphics, information from environmental professionals and the language that is used in breaking down of the topic. Animals and plants are both part of the environment. The best tools in the study of environment are online sources since they are equipped with a large percentage of the relevant knowledge and items of great value in this field.

Informational online source. First, Wikipedia (, 2014) provides us with information on the general definition of the term environment which is the background of the topic. Secondly, Houzz provides decent pictures of the landscapes and terrains. Well designed and decorated homes are also efficient in the study as evidenced in the use of the well furnished informational website; Houzz (, 2014).

In addition, Learnist (, 2014) also plays a major role as one of the most sophisticated informational website. The basic needs in mans life like food, environmental technologies, weather updates and news, healthy living and maintenance of physical fitness in our day to day ventures are well defined by this website. Online sources vividly display and depicture diversified vegetation used in making human foods like a variety of fruit trees; edible tubers and stems which aid in the manufacturing of important consumer items. Pinterest (, 2014) is another web source that helps us in the field study during collection, sharing and storing visual information, this is important in the study of primary sources of data and field presentations.

Social media online sources. Social media sites like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Whatsapp and Instagram have opened up the use of internet leading to a big increase in the number of people using there service. Subscribers are potential people with different levels of education, they use different languages in there respective fields to pass information or to inquire. I am active on this media and as a result, I get data on daily updates of events, weather, places, ideas and global occurrences. Most pictures posted on social media are original and most of them help in the study of the environmental ecosystems. Online sources have valid provisions suitable for environmental study. In Kenya, modified pictures are taken and posted on the websites like picasa showing the snow peaks of Mount Kenya. The pictures clearly present the knowledge about lapse and pulse rates as it occur in our ecology. Short and legible phrase and sentences used in the websites also makes it easier for the short time accessibility of information and interpretation of charts and graphs.

Evaluation of online sources

Contents of the sources are short and organized making each and every aspect easily seen and considerable in the study. Regular updating of websites equips us with current information like on the daily weather that makes one decide on the special clothes to ware and farmers calendar. Evidence of accuracy is indicated by correctly written contents that can be directly linked to other sources for immediate clarification. Online sources are more convenient in a manner that they provide what we want and need in the general study. The information I got from the site clearly made it possible to know the direct and indirect relationship of the living and non-living things in the environment (Jonathan Safran Foer, 2009).

Adequacy and efficiency of online sources. The online platform and social sites are reliable since I was able to get most of the information I needed in my study, moreover, the information is sustainable because of its high definition and independency. In the long run, the sites are simplifying up in order to increase the number of potential users in this fast growing digital generation. The first web pages (homepage) have minimum scroll giving more data on the topic environment and its sub branches. Consistent layouts and modifications makes the websites maintain its originality and the ability to be trusted for providing accurate information in the field of study over a long period of time. Same information with the similar meaning is provided and it makes the user to decide on a variety of items and phrases suitable for him. The definition of important terminologies in the field of environment has been greatly simplified giving a variety of positive views on the need to use online sources during all studies. Points discussed in social site groups are evenly shared and educative. When I personally asked the factors leading to the depletion of the ozone layer on the social media, I got numerous comments and likes which enhanced the general understanding of the topic and also equipped me with further study knowledge on the rising topic and sub topics related to climate (Al Gore, 2009).


In conclusion, we see the broad image of what the web sites are and what the social media can do when we make maximum use of them. The wide spread use or the internet has boosted the need for quality websites hence creating a decent platform for, researchers, individuals, business-persons, buyers, people of the same interests and large organizations coming together with different views to make a citadel of academics and social excellence. More discussion groups have been generated for collection of adequate information on the studies in several fields by experts. The future of a better web platform lies in the hands and brains of the subscribers and us as whole family. We ought to make quality use of social sites to enhance a better and responsible generation that not only takes care of the environment but also use its provisions in a responsible manner.                    


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