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Three Goals I Have Set for Myself

Every person life has a number of set priorities and objectives that they hope to achieve in the course of their life. This is the ultimate requirement of life, which is to lead a life with a purpose. A life that is dictated by predetermined goals and objectives. Importantly, the first step of achieving these goals is recognizing which goals to set in the first place. These goals are a precursor for happiness. The following are the short term and long-term goals I have set for myself in order of importance.

The first goal is to complete education. Education is a foundation upon which many activities revolve. Completing education will not only enhance my self-development but also elevate my competitiveness in the aggressive job market. Moreover attaining my degree will enhance my networks and enable me relate with peers from diverse professional orientations. Education is also a fall back plan that will give me an upper hand over those that are un-educated. For instance, I can figure my way around in matters concerning business and finance, politics and current affairs.

Secondly, this follows automatically from my first goal that is; to get into a career that suits my educational background and competencies. This will enable me to advance towards a long-term goal of financial freedom. Moreover, I will attain a sense of pride, mastery in my work, and a general sense of accomplishment.

Finally, my long-term goal is to attain financial stability. Financial stability allows for the realization of various goals. It is a means to an end, particularly attaining happiness. This will enable me to take a mortgage, which will be a step towards owning my own home. This long-term goal will be realized by first attaining the goals mentioned above.

I believe that these goals constitute the compass that will guide me through life in attaining happiness and leading a life of purpose.