Cultural and Ethnics Studies Essay Paper on Religion: Beware of Christians (2011)

Religion: Beware of Christians (2011)

This paper discusses the theme of religion as portrayed in the movie “Beware of Christians.” The movie was produced in 2011 by Alex Carroll and Michael B. Allen. This movie is of particular interest given that it discusses one of the most controversial and revered themes in human history. Religion has been at the heart of many people throughout history as man tries to discover his origin and destiny. Besides, there are so many opposing views about religion.

The movie directly relates to the topic of religion. In particular, it presents four college students who seek to escape their routine Christian religious faith. Therefore, they decide to travel to Europe with an aim of gaining a new perspective about following Jesus Christ. During their tour in Europe, the four college students discovered new and thrilling perspectives about the Christian faith. The movie tries to explain the existing disparity in belief system and teachings amongst the Christian faith. Indeed, it is true that despite using the same Bible, there are so many different beliefs and perspectives of Jesus Christ as portrayed in different churches across the world.

The significant issue presented in this movie is the disparity of belief systems and teachings amongst the Christian faith. So many churches, evangelists, pastors, and groups use the same Bible but present different messages and teachings to their followers and Bible-believers. They also portray Jesus Christ differently depending on their region or religious affiliations. Throughout their Europe tour, Matt, Michael, Alex, and Will realized that Jesus Christ, as presented in the Bible, is quite different from what they have been taught since childhood. While in America, Jesus Christ was presented to them as a wealthy and healthy creator. They were taught that by following Jesus and doing the right thing, they will not lack anything. They have been trained to love and acknowledge a wealthy and healthy God. However, this is not the same view of Jesus Christ in other regions such as Europe.

As discovered by Matt, Michael, Alex, and Will, the different views of Christianity are determined by the allegiances and biases to worldly things. The Americans tend to focus on material things and worldly possessions when presenting Jesus. This practice tends to cause a gradual loss of the true image and character of Jesus as presented in the Bible. The four college students decided top reexamine what Jesus taught on certain topics and compare it with what they have been learning since childhood. They tackled different topics such as sexuality, materialism, alcohol, as well as entertainment among others. These topics have been misrepresented by different factions of Christians. The truth is slowly being lost about what Jesus taught about these topics because people are not giving much attention to the Bible. Instead, they are using their worldly allegiances and motives to present Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

After watching this movie, I assumed that culture and traditions have significantly infiltrated the Christian teachings. Nowadays, most Christians are not presenting the true teaching of Jesus Christ. Instead, they depend on their culture and long time traditions to present messages that they are comfortable with. However, it is essential to note that the problem is not the Christianity faith but the Christians. The message of Christianity is pure as presented in the Holy Bible; however, the professed Christians choose to divert to their personal interests. Teachers and pastors choose the type of message the congregation should hear. People also do not allocate enough time to read the bible and understand the message for themselves. Instead, they depend on their interpretations of their religious teachers and pastors.