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East Asia Current Event Journal

Bradley, Darvill. “Malaysia Airlines MH370: New underwater search begins desolate stretch of Indian Ocean focus of investigation.” Oct 05, 2014. CBC News World. Web. Oct 12, 2014.

The article reports that a new search for the lost Malaysian Airline (MH 370) has started. After a four-month break, ships are moving into position to hunt down Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The ships will focus on a 23,000-square-mile stretch of the Indian Ocean, utilizing another, high-determination guide of the sea depths, Bradley reports. The major motivation behind the search as per the author is the families, friends, and relatives of 239 passengers who were in that flight and need information as to what happened to their loved ones. However, he mentions that there is no guarantee that their many questions will be answered.

The work will be careful. The ships can move at a speed of less than 11 km/h while towing the sonar gear. In the event that a vessel needs to alter course, the team should first draw the tow fish up enough that it will not tumble to the ocean bottom amid the turn, a process that takes hours.

Apart from finding answers to the many questions in the minds of the affected families, the article does not state what is to be gained by locating the plane. When (if at any time) this plane is found, there will be no remaining parts to be discovered and the reason for the accident will never be found though I am certain the flying masters know the reason and have made moves to guarantee that it does not happen again.

I think the fight is lost… no proof found… it has been more than 6 months. Eventually, this will have to be said “unsolved secrets.” Along these lines, therefore, possibly now is the right time to quit tossing cash at it.