Cultural and Ethics Studies Essay Paper on Immigrant Experience

Immigrant Experience

Immigrant experience affected Bissoondaths family through change of religion and adoption of the English language. Religious conversion started with the inception of schools where English language was used in communicating and relating with one another (pg 79).

What Was The Price? Was It Worthwhile?

`The price to pay for the success was substituting Hindus language and culture with English and Canadian respectively. It was worth in the sense that Hindus would be in a position to relate and communicate effectively with their neighbors (pg 80).

Bissoondath’s Attitude toward Change

His attitude towards change is that it cost the Hindus an opportunity to practice their own religious practices, tradition, and customs. The culture of the Indians faded away hence children were not taught the value and customs of their culture (pg 82).

Bissoondath Compare Caravan to the Disney Jungle Ride

The caravan gave an opportunity for display of cultural attributes such as songs as dances. He compared caravan to Disney jungle because the two occasions did not define culture as a way of living hence treated culture to be a commodity (pg 84).

Portrayal of Chinese Culture at Caravan

Their cultural practices would remind them of the traumatic and inhuman acts by soldiers back in china. The point he is making is that cultural practices reminds people of their past but still leaves behind a lot of information (pg 86).

Multiculturalism Encourage the Devaluation

One of the ways is that it brings division by portraying people and their culture as being unethical or inappropriate. Another way is that it changes the perception people hold for each other. In so doing, different cultures are not at ease living with each other (pg 89).

Multiculturalism has done little

This is because multicultural has led to bad perception about events, occasions and appearance. For instance is when a blue spot is mistakenly considered as bruises an action that leads to abduction of children affiliated to Mongolian culture by daycare (pg 91).

Instinct of Sensitivity

The instinct about a particular culture makes us adopt decision based on the values and norms hence losing the perspective (pg 92).

Employment Equity and Education Equity Programs

 The problem he found is that it creates discrimination based on cultural background. Equality cannot be achieved by favoring one culture over others due to their minority status (pg 93).

Bissoondath’s Views

His view about discrimination is driven by the inequality created by the equity programs that target particular group over others.  In the long last, the endeavor increases rivalry between different cultures.