Critique on commentary ‘Texas illegally cuts Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid reimbursements’ Political Science Paper

Critique on commentary ‘Texas illegally cuts Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid reimbursements’

                Audience being addressed by the blogger is Texas health and Human Services Commission. This is due to an action take by this commission, on terminating Planned Parenthood clinics enrollment (Green 2015). It is stated that, these clinics were no longer capable of conducting medical services in safe, ethical, legal and professional manner.

            Planned Parenthood offers numerous services ranging from abortive services along with fetal tissue research. Despite being under no duty to offer abortive services, Planned Parenthood proclaimed that it would give up receiving reimbursements, based on fetal tissue research. It is claimed that, evidences brought against Planned Parenthood was obscenely manipulative, in order to make the firm appear as an evil factory (Green 2015). It is also perceived that, those evidences against Parenthood clinics would make their opponents appear as caring much about continued existence of Planned Parenthood, and not much about fetal tissue research merits. Furthermore, debates about how ethical are fetal tissue research and whether abortion ought to be banned was not enough reason to have congress debate. This is because, this kind of debate required to be different or unusual enough for anti-choice activists to win.

            I agree that terminating the services of Planned Parenthood clinics was illegal. This is because, firstly, Texas did not perform investigation on parenthood’s practices, and thus, did have to stop executing Parenthood programs without any cause. This was also similar case that happened when Louisiana attempted to terminated Planned Parenthood payments, but did not succeed as federal judge ordered them to continue with payments until court placed a conclusion. Moreover, Texas State Health service department refusing to provide birth certificates to immigrant children is causing a bad week to reproductive rights, Texas.

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