Criminal Justice Essay Paper on Crime incidence drops in Naperville

Crime incidence drops in Naperville

According to police statistics, there has been a significant drop in crime in Naperville, making current crime figures in the area the lowest since 1987 (Jenco, n. pag.). The reduction in crime in the area can be linked to a change of approach to policing and increased community involvement. The police department implemented staffing changes by withdrawing sworn officers from positions like front office and evidence technicians and replaced them with civilians. The police officers were then redeployed to patrol the streets of Naperville, hence significantly increasing police visibility in the streets. When there is a visible police presence in the streets, there is usually a decline in crime because criminals are wary of being caught. Increasing police presence is one of the most effective ways of reducing crime as police are always nearby to respond quickly to any incidence of crime. However, this method is expensive as it will require the deployment of very many officers for effective policing to occur.

In addition to increasing the number of officers on the beat, the police department has also taken the initiative of encouraging community participation in crime prevention strategies. The police being cognizant that most crimes occur when drunk patrons leave entertainment joints at closing time want to implement staggered closing times of the joints to reduce the volume of people at the streets at any given time. This strategy coupled with introduction of cover charges to reduce bar hopping can help to reduce crime since it controls the movement of drunk persons. The incorporation of technology in the fight against crime is also likely to help reduce crime incidence further. The use of surveillance cameras can help to nab criminals through video analysis as well as reduce criminal activity since people are unlikely to commit a crime if they are aware that they are being watched.

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