Computer Science Sample Paper on Knowledge Base System

Knowledge Base System

KBS is relevant in an organization as it helps in addressing the technological issues that may be facing the organizations. This includes archiving expert’s knowledge to be used at a later date, disseminating knowledge as well as ensuring uniformity and training in the organization. Among the various types of KBS, our company uses the expert systems where computer programs are formulated to imitate the role of experts in given areas of knowledge. The future of e-commerce seems promising since the world is moving towards the digital technology.

Some of the advantages of Ecommerce include the ability of the system to reach more customers since there is no theoretical geographical limitation. Ecommerce does not require a physical organization setups, and this therefore makes it easy to start and manage. At the same time, the customers are able to select products from different producers and suppliers without the physical movement. Ecommerce business can be done on a 24/7 basis, and there is a faster transactional procedure in selecting, buying, and selling of products. Other advantages include the ability of small business mingling with big ones, and the protection of customers against theft and fraud.

The downside of Ecommerce includes the effect of mechanical failures, which can create uncertainty. The system is prone to risks from hackers who look for a chance to hack the site. Transactions in E-commerce require devices that can connect to the Internet as well as Internet access. There is the tendency of the clients to feel less confident when giving out their credit card numbers. 

            Some of the business issues that ought to be addressed in E-commerce include the security and privacy of the business, the processing capabilities of the system in terms of need and accuracy, the customer service standards to be set, fraud, order fulfillment, trust, and problems with transactions. Others include the technology to be used, cost of the setups, transition time, and strategy to be used. Technical issues to be addressed include the security solution, the market place setups, protocol selection, and technology and business model selection