Composition Essay Paper on Sustainability


Personally, I define sustainability as the act of doing things in the right way that does not harm the environment now and in the future. In other words, it is the capacity to preserve the environment on daily basis by observing the environmental friendly practices. In addition, it is the practice of promoting economic prosperity in the environment by engaging in activities that do not harm the environment (Zietsman 16). 

With regard to food & recycling, UC scores below A. This means that UC has been doing very little in this area to protect the environment. In order to improve on this area, UC needs to have effective mechanisms for recycling all the food wastes in the university. This would help in collecting all the food wastes for recycling purposes rather than sending them to the landfill sites. The food wastes that find their ways to the landfills produce greenhouse gases that impact negatively on the environment; thus, food wastes in the university should be recycled as opposed to letting them find their ways to the landfills (Haggar 157). While still on the food waste issue, it would be important for UC to conduct food waste audits regularly rather than conducting them annually. Regular food audits would portray UC’s commitment to sustainability; thus, improve its performance on food & recycling. At the same time, rather than making it mandatory for the students to dispose their unwanted items in an appropriate manner, UC allows students to decide when they should do so. In order to improve its score on this area, UC needs to have a proper process of recycling and disposing unwanted items. In fact, UC should make it mandatory for the students to dispose their unwanted items through a well-organized program such as the already existing re-use market program. UC should also collect its recyclable wastes regularly rather than collecting them during the move-in exercises. These practices would enhance UC’s commitment to sustainability; thus, help it score a better grade in food & recycling.

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