Composition Essay Paper on Press Release-Writing Launching of New Product

Press Release-Writing Launching of New Product

Website for People Suffering From Chronic Illness, Fund Raising and Donation

The Foundation for chronic illness, which is Non Governmental organization (NGO) announces today its official launching of the new websites meant and devoted to raise understanding and awareness of long-lasting and recurrent illnesses that are characterized by long suffering. The website core mandate is to support laws enacted by a legislative body that core objective is to benefit individuals who are suffering from chronic illness and their families. For the fundraisings and donations, the Foundation intends to raise funds with intentions of supporting events that support qualifying families, settling significant amounts of healthcare expenses incurred by patients. These funds will also contribute significantly in supporting other no-profit making entities that have been working effectively and strongly leading on the matters which are in line with the Foundation’s mission and objectives (Davis, Wagner & Groves, 2009).

The Support Chronic Illness Foundation websites is meant to provide information pertaining to illness under concern and resources, mitigating strategies and the suffering that chronic diseases inflict to the patients. The website additionally provides different ways in which individuals visiting the websites can give back to support in the achievement of Foundation’s mission and achievement of set goals. The support could be in form of donations petitioning in legislatives that benefits the patients of chronic diseases and their families, online shopping meant to gives a fraction of each particular item’s cost sold back to the Foundation. This will at a high extent be in line with supporting the Foundation’s core objective and mandate which necessitated its formation. The funds collected will be accounted for and the projects undertaken disclosed to the visitors of the website to enhance accountability and transparency of the foundation. This will enable the Foundation to minimize the events of cash embezzlement and raise visitor’s confidence and trust bestowed to the management staffs (Glasgow, Davis, Funnell & Beck, 2008).

Many of the chronic disease patients suffer silently at their living places due to lack of funds and information. The website will raise funds through donations from visitors, which will enable and facilitate in educating patients and families of the individuals suffering from chronic diseases. The website will also enable the Foundation in raising funds to cater for the patients suffering from these long lasting and recurrent diseases who are in the most cases elderly citizens (Davis et al., 2009).

The Support for Chronic Illness Foundations founders established it with a core agenda of raising awareness on a national level. The foundation has been committed to making major impacts on accomplishing these objectives. With the effective established website, the Foundation is optimistic that it will be in a better position to provide resources where individuals will be able to access information, learning more about different types of chronic illnesses, their symptoms and put up a way that people will be giving back in support of this valuable idea (Glasgow et al., 2009).

Foundation for Chronic Illness Mission

The mission of the Foundation for Chronic Illness is to raise awareness and understanding of different types of chronic diseases issues affecting patients, supporting legislation which benefits the patients suffering from chronic illness and their families. The Foundation also assists the patient in payment of significant amounts of their hospital bills and other expenses for the qualifying families and providing unwavering support to other nonprofit making organizations playing a major role in achievement of issues concerning and persistent to the missions of Support for Chronic illness Foundation. For more information regarding the Foundation visit the website


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