Composition Essay Paper on Concise Statement of the Subject of the Paper

 The title is a concise statement of the subject of the paper..


 The abstract is an executive overview of your paper. It should be a 150- to 250-word summary that would be appropriate to give your manager so that they understand the essence of your project without reading the paper in its entirety.


•Table of Contents

 List each section of your paper with the page number. The list should include:

◦Tables and figures, if you included more than two.

◦Appendices, if included.

◦A reference section listing sources you used

•Section I. General description of the enterprise and its environment

 In this section, summarize information such as the organization’s legal name, its form of ownership, its management and reporting structures, its workforce size and demographics, its products and services, its locations and layout of facilities, its important resources and technologies, its competitors, its customers and clients, and any other information necessary to make the operating environment clear to your reader..

•Section II. Description of managerial functions

 For each of the four management functions below, give a detailed description of the issues this organization faces and the procedures its managers use to deal with those issues.


 This function includes defining the organization’s goals, establishing an overall strategy for achieving these goals, and developing plans to coordinate the activities. In this organization, what must managers plan for? Consider products, personnel, inventories, financing, facilities, advertising, and seasonal demand. What information and procedures do they use to do this planning? Who is involved?


 This function includes determining what tasks must be done to meet the goals, how the tasks are to be grouped into jobs, who is to do them, who reports to whom, and where decisions are to be made. It also includes the location and layout of facilities and equipment. In this organization, what issues must managers consider when they design the structures of people and facilities? How have they chosen to delegate authority? In this section, be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the six basic elements of organization structure.


 This function includes the tasks of communication, motivation, and conflict resolution. In this organization, how are leaders identified, recruited, selected, trained, developed, and supported? How is the workforce motivated? How are performance appraisals used? How do leaders communicate? How are conflicts resolved? What disciplinary structures do they use?


 This function includes monitoring activities to ensure that they are being accomplished as planned and correcting any significant deviations from the plans. In this organization, what things must be monitored (sales levels, inventory, productivity, employee satisfaction, morale, turnover, expenses, etc.) to ensure the firm’s success? What control tools and procedures do they use?

•Section III. Analysis and recommendations

 Using information which you have gained from the course text materials, class discussions, other business courses, and additional research, analyze the management practices employed by this organization as you have described them in Section II. Comment specifically on their fulfillment of the three goals of effectiveness, efficiency, and stakeholder satisfaction. Make at least three recommendations for improving this organization’s operations and/or work environment. For each recommendation you make, discuss the potential costs and benefits that could be expected to result from implementing the changes you suggest.


 You may use your course text materials as a primary source of information, but you must also draw on other sources, such as websites, business journals, information from the organization itself, and interviews with individuals. Be sure that you support the information presented with appropriate references. It is important that all references and quotes be cited correctly. All sources, including websites, must be referenced in the bibliography or references list. You must follow APA guidelines for style and form.

•Appendices (if any)

 Include a separate sheet and title for each appendix..

Your final paper should be a Word document 10 to 12 pages in length. Follow APA style for writing, editing, and citations.