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Library citation

The research topic discussed is the history of aviation. The type of citation used is the Modern Language Association style. The history dates over two thousand years, where aviation is believed to have begun with kites (Millbrooke 98). People could make kites and they later realized that when they were subjected to the air, in the presence of wind, they could fly. After that, they started making attempts of jumping from towers using air jets. The earliest flight that is believed to have been made by man was witnessed in China (Newcome 123). It was just a mere flying kite, which later improved to have the capability to carry a man while in the air. Later on in the 17th century, the Chinese attempted to investigate the atmosphere and thus discovered the gases present in the air, which were used to make hot air balloons.

The history was obtained by entering the research topic as a whole, ‘the history of aviation’. After entering these key words, I was able to find some eBooks concerning the history of aviation. From the several options I obtained, I was able to get some information concerning how aviation started in China. This was through reading them after opening the tabs. By the 20th century, aerodynamics were already developed and this helped in advancing engines that were used in the early jets (Petrescu 78). This was through the advanced technology in the field that has been because of people innovating their minds to develop better airplanes that could be used in flights for long distances. Later, the first powered flight was witnessed. In short, the history of aviation can be dated back to jumping from towers, to kites, to hot air balloons then powered jets.

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