Communication Essay Paper on Response to Proposal

Response to Proposal

Q1.      Non inclusiveness of statistical evidence in the proposal occurs in two major areas. In the very first paragraph,   the special project mentioned, that is improvement of community relations with minorities is both general and non-statistical. The evidence for this point is the report given on the utility of the past grants from the same organization. May be the organization was given the report on the accomplished roles. In such a case, a reference number of the report could be included on the proposal (either as a footnote or an appendix) for easy retrieval and claims verification.

On statistical grounds, given that former grants were invested at the local community level, how sure is the law enforcement foundation that improvement of community relations with minority was not captured in the past investments? If otherwise, how much was captured? How many projects were the past grants invested in? Given that the problems mentioned are local community based, what is the percentage of the success achieved? How many localities benefited from the past grants?

The second part in which lack of statistical facts are crucial is the budget. Given that more than sixty six thousand dollars are to be used, the envisaged operation’s implication amounts to about seventy eight thousand dollars. Here, two items are not clear; statistical in-viability ($ 66 against $78) and implementation in-viability. For the latter, how can an entire municipal receive $ 13 only for operational efficiency? While for the former, how will the deficit be gapped?

These questions, among others, demand the necessity of statistical facts from the proposal.

Q2.      From the proposal’s claims that CUP is the largest organization dealing with police-community relations in Washington, some critical information about the organization’ credibility can be obtained from other sources even if some pertinent information is not included in the proposal. In order to achieve this, directional tools should be provided explicitly. In the proposal, only a phone contact is provided. This can either be official for the organization or not. Therefore, provision of more contact information particularly for the national programme, is crucial.

Q3.      Given that the proposal provokes many questions, with no immediate answers, I would be reluctant to award nearly $ 67, 000 for the project mentioned.