Communication Essay Paper on Importance of a Dermatology Congress for a Big Cosmetics Company

Importance of a Dermatology Congress for a Big Cosmetics Company

A dermatology congress largely focuses on the strides that have been made in the process of diagnosis and treatment of the skin and hair disorders. Such a congress also focuses on the challenges that science faces in solving skin and hair related problems. A big cosmetic company has the opportunity of engaging in such a congress as a way of displaying the progress that the said company has made in the manufacture of cosmetics that help in the prevention of skin diseases, and the treatment of such diseases. This is a way of demonstrating the strength of science behind its products.

Doing an appealing stand in a dermatology congress is a way through which a big cosmetics company can affirm its contribution to the science of the skin. In addition, such an appealing stand will be enough evidence that the company applies the essentials of science in the development of its products. The demonstration of the science behind the development of cosmetics can best be solved through a scientific symposium, which outlines the scientific procedures and the safety measures that the company takes in selecting the ingredients. To enable a wider population understand the benefits and embrace the cosmetic, it would be important for the company to record the symposium and post online. This would also be an important opportunity for the company to demonstrate transparency in terms of the chemical components of its products.

During the symposium, the company should use skin care applications since they are best placed to help the audience understand the process of using the available cosmetics in ways that will ensure that the users get the intended results. The company can use the dermatology iPad app, which aims at streamlining the management, and care of a patient’s skin using digital technology. When using this application on the stand during the congress, the company will ensure that it displays ways by which up to date records and plans can be maintained. The dermatology application can also be used for skin care by providing those in the congress with an opportunity of tracking progress with the use of digital technology. This software is also essential to consumers since it can help in identifying areas of concern in the process of skin care. In addition, it will also help the consumers in identifying the best cosmetics that they can use for better management of their skin once they have identified their type of skin.

The company can also incorporate the use of virtual makeover technology, which is a photo-realistic makeup simulation technology, which will help those in the congress to understand the best practices in the application of cosmetics of their skin. The app when used on the stands will also provide those in the congress with clinically accurate skin care and anti-aging visualization as it will provide a virtual platform on how to ensure brightness, firmness and wrinkle reduction on the skin with the company’s cosmetics.

As a sign of appreciation for the opportunity given to display the science behind the making of cosmetics, the company can reward the dermatologists with backpacks, gift bags, wall hangings, wristwatches, and calendars, books on skin care, inscriptions and appreciation cards. These will act as perfect presents to the dermatologists in addition; they will also act as marketing tools considering that the message and the logos engraved in these objects will serve the purpose of marketing the company to other individuals who never attended the congress. The company can also give umbrellas with the company logo as a form of appreciation and a marketing strategy, and this will act as a constant reminder of the company.

It is important to note that the products of the company are not dermatology brands. However, to be able to increase its market share, and gain a competitive advantage in the cosmetic market, the company can celebrate its attempt to attend the congress of dermatologists as a way of proving that its products are safe for human use. The use of online platforms to upload the recorded symposium will also act as a platform of attracting customers same as the gifts offered to the dermatologists who would act as marketing items for the company.

After walking through the stand, the dermatologists will learn more about the role of science in the promotion of beauty and how the existing skills have been used in the development of beauty, skin, and hair care products. The creation of scientific e-posters can help in marketing the company and its products even after the congress. Such a poster will have a lasting impression on the customers until it is pulled down on the social media platforms among other networks. A press conference will also serve as a platform to tell out to the public the ability of the company to harness scientific skills in the production of beauty products. This is in line with the company’s brand message “science behind beauty.”