Communication Book Review Paper on Movie Analysis

Movie Analysis

Families form the basic units of a community. Several activities carried out within family scenarios end up being translated to the general behavior of the public or the members of the community (Galvin, 2015). Therefore, anything going wrong within the family is carried along to the larger society causing a limitation to social coexistence. The same phenomena are also possible with the strength of family behaviors developed by respective family units.


From the movie, “because I said so (2007)”, several aspects of relationships are brought out but in regard to the roles which families ought to play in order to contribute to the healthy social fabric of the larger community. The movie indicates parents ought to educate their children of matters of love, sex and marriages in order to avoid mistakes that are frequently characterized by confusions encountered by young stars during development. Lesson learnt is that in case of frictions between members of the family regarding any conflicting ideologies, we should learn to let go of any inhibitive factors so that the family can influence the world from a common perspective. These effects can either be in the form of parent’s career guidance to children and interfamily associations such marriages.

Family issues related to movie and reading

Family awareness

It is important for family members to be aware of what constitutes their membership. This enables each member of a family to appreciate the identity of the family and the particular roles, which the family is trying to accomplish. In order to achieve this, the movie provides an episode in which different members of the family have their own interpretation as to what is expected of them. Parents and children have the roles to ensure that whatever is done within family set-up is in line with the general expectations of the family (Galvin, 2015). Meaning that family cohesion is only possible if there is a well stipulated objective that should be focused upon by all members. Therefore, if there happens to be a differing mode viewing specific elements that affect the entire family, chances are that they might not necessary realize the common ultimate objective. The role of creating aw3areness within a family sphere is facilitated by the parents to their children from young age so that as they develop in terms of age, their mental capacity is adapted to the system of action created by the family unit.

Family communication

Communication forms the baseline upon which al activities within a family set-up are carried out. As the movie unfolds, different scenes are characterized by aspect of communication between different parties. Depending on the level of association of the parties involved, their mode of communication either determines their success of failure in what is supposed to be accomplished (Galvin, 2015). For instance, children will tend to influence each other on the type of clothing to be worn at any given moment. The movie presented a scenario in which there were different views by the girls on what they should put on. Given that each member of the team had a different taste of the clothing type; communication pattern eventually determined what was agreed upon. Another instance where communication was evidenced is when a mother cautioned her daughter on the number of boyfriends she should actively be engaged with. This shows that unless family members play critical role of supervising actions carried out by other members of the family, cohesion, would not be reality. For example, it is common that multiple relationships can ruin youngster’s lives are cause total loss of focus on what should be done. Therefore, if a mother fails to direct her daughter’s behaviors as they grow up, it becomes a major factor of limitation to family success. This also applies to the roles of fathers in guiding their sons behaviors as they go through life developmental stages. Frequent guidance and counseling forms the basis of the communication element within a family set-up.

Responsibility awareness

Another aspect evidenced from the movie is family’s ability to take up responsibilities. For instance, when girls were of age, there mode of interaction with other members of the family and the outside world changed completely. They tend to look attractive as they realized their roles within the community. Although this caused some friction between them and parents, it is important that the main picture created here is that of taking responsibilities. Parents were concerned about the affairs of their children so that their development could be fruitful (as evidenced by the wedding celebrations episode). This is the ultimate desire for most parents when they see their children engaging into societal affairs in a more meaningful manner (Galvin, 2015). However, as much as parents practice caution on what their children get involved with, it should be remembered that by being aware of what is happening within their lives provides their sensitivity to what they should do in order to achieve their goals.

Relationship developments

This is one of the most technical issues facing family unions. Healthy relationships between parents and children provide the foundation for successful family cohesion and change towards better family achievements. The fact that members of the family can communicate their views freely within family atmosphere means that there exist healthy relational and associational patterns. For example, the idea of marriage preparation and successful wedding activities cannot be achieved without strong cooperation of family members. It is only possible if, after a member of the family present such an idea to the rest of the family members who, actively receive the idea and decide to use their resources to support that particular, that common family success is finally realized. Therefore, Parent-children associations play significant roles in ensuring healthy family living and general impacts to the larger society. This determined by day-to-day activities carried within the family set-up as evidenced by the different scenes of the movie.

Peer pressure

As children develop, they tend to be affected very much by the outside world that is very close to them. From the movie, type of style adopted, general behavior, tastes and preferences are all dictated by environmental factors. Consequently, peer pressure and modernity causes a lot of friction between parents and their respective developing children. The main point of conflict is different view that is held by parents regarding their children’s lives and the children’s own view of how the world or life is in general (as dictated to them by the environment).  For instance, young girls and boys are made to believe that their associations with members of the opposite sex are not problematic at all. That is, romance is the order of the day for any relationship irrespective of how it is done and with whom the practice is carried out. Therefore, when this aspect is challenged by their parents, conflicts arise between or among members affected. It is a fact many upcoming adolescents engage in romantic relationships without clear understanding of what is expected, meaning that family cohesiveness can only be realized if parents play their roles on this matter but in a precautious manner.


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