Christian Perspective of Life after Death

Christian Perspective of Life after Death

What is the Christian perspective of life after death?

The Christian perspective of life after death tries to answer two important questions; is there life after death and if so, what form does it assume? Christians strongly believe that the existence of humans does not entirely end at physical death. They believe that there is still a world to come and where consequences of sin will follow humans there.

God, as the judge of all humans will assess an individual’s relationship to or with Jesus Christ. This means that people risk eternal punishment and spiritual death where they will be forever separated from God. According to many Christian writings, this is vividly depicted including suffering and grotesque torture of those who had bad relationship with God and were sent to hell.

Teachings on Christian perspectives of life after death

There are different Christian denominations and they have offered different opinions on life after death. The teachings include the fact

  • That people either go to heaven, purgatory, sheol or hell after death
  • People just disappear and cease to exist in either physical or spiritual form
  • That human souls are immediately separated from the body and go to hell or heaven while bodies remain on earth
  • After death, people sleep for a long time before waking up to final judgement
  • People are reincarnated into new bodies to live another life as animals or humans
  • There are a number of steps after death that lead people to their final destination
  • When infants die, they to limbo and there, they remain infants forever

Even with these beliefs and Christian perspective of life after death, the bible seems quite ambiguous on the issue. This is evident in different scenarios and bible verses quoted by Christian believers and faith groups in the past millennia.

Bible verses that suggest there is life after death

Christian scholars also believe in life after death as interpreted in the old and new testament texts including Isaiah 65:17-25 that says ‘‘for I am about to create new heavens and a new earth’’, a new earth where there will be no weeping, no hunger and no infant death and where the lamb and the wolf will feed together side by side.

Micah 4:1-4, a bible text that focuses on the day nations will learn of war no more and they shall beat their swords into plowshares.

Romans 8 in the New Testament is envision, of Paul on new creation, groaning waiting for promises and transformation and it says ‘’He who raised Christ from the dead will give life to your mortal bodies also through his Spirit that dwells in you. In other parts, Paul declares that God who raised his son Jesus Christ will also raise the dead by his power (1st Corinthians. 15).

Such verses according to Christians suggest that there is new life after death and speaks of the biblical view of afterlife, hence the daily hope of many believers that they will rise one day, after their physical death.

Dying victoriously and Christian perspective of afterlife

According to Christians, Jesus Christ died victoriously. He achieved victory over death when he rose from the grave. Therefore, his followers have been promised life after death in paradise and in a heavenly home with no pain, sorrows and no death. Despite the fact that death is still sorrowful even to Christian believers, they strongly belief it is because of the physical separation trauma.

Death to believers is no longer highly oppressive because there is an assurance of afterlife and entering the kingdom of Christ when someone dies. This is far much better for believers who long to dwell in the presence of Christ than life on earth (Philippians 1: 23). As a result, Christians need to prepare for death but it doesn’t have to be entirely the central focus of their lives.

Because of Christian believe in life after death, believers are urged to live wisely and skillfully and according to the patterns of God for them to reach the kingdom of God.

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