Choosing a Dissertation Topic -Where to Start

Choosing a Dissertation Topic -Where to Start

The kind of dissertation topic you choose determines the overall grading of your work.  According to different research, most students take a year or more to find a suitable topic for their dissertation. And yet the reasons given can easily be avoided. All the same, it’s impossible to write a dissertation or any other research project without a specific topic. In this article, you will learn a few helpful tips on selecting the right topic for your dissertation.

  1. Avoid panic-relax your mind

The fact that a dissertation is a long document and that it will be read by many people can cause panic and anxiety. Perhaps the troubling reason is that it will mainly be read by experts and not just anybody. This however should only serve as a motivator to do a good job. And this will begin by carefully analyzing and selecting the right dissertation topic.

  1. Plan ahead-be organized

Before you begin searching for a topic for your dissertation, you need to plan. Organize your search to maximize your research efforts. An organized mind always yields good results. In essence, the more organized you are the easier; the less painful it will be to do your dissertation. You will also have more time for your dissertation and no problem finding, analyzing, and organizing research material.

  1. Choose a subject area

It is always important to start with the general to the specific. As such, when selecting a dissertation topic, first choose a subject area followed by the topic. You will realize that as you analyze each subject area, you can easily find patterns of information. Analyzing each pattern will help you determine what kind of literature you are more conversant with. Narrow down your topic to a specific focus.

  1. Choose an interesting topic

The topic for the dissertation you decide to pursue should not give you problems. Remember that a dissertation is a long project and therefore you want to pursue something interesting. Choose a dissertation topic that you can easily talk about without getting tired.