Challenges Posed By Enterprise Applications

Challenges Posed By Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application Systems, (EAS), are use to manage and support business processes of large corporations. The systems play a key role in managing operations, finance, human resource and production. For example, in an insurance company, EAS track policyholders, pay claims of clients and send out billing. The systems also have application in learning institutions as they help in monitoring enrollment of students, scheduling of classes and assign online learning. In addition, the software’s operation depends on several servers and databases. They can serve a wide geographical area and support thousands of employees. While this is the cases, several challenges posed by enterprise applications remain a threat to the development and usage of the software.

Common challenges posed by enterprise applications

Software developers who specialize in building enterprise applications face a range of challenges. For example, during corporate mergers and restructuring enterprise applications become more complex even though they limit the available resources. Moreover, the world is embracing broader and affordable networks that allow greater connectivity while breeding new exposures and vulnerabilities. Mobile phone technology has also offer fresh freedom and usability even though they alter how developers come up with software. In this section, we shall discuss these challenges in depth.

Common challenges posed by enterprise applications arise during hard times for corporations. During such moments, when organizations are making changes to survive, EAS must also act swiftly to meet the new demands of the market. For example, if a company acquires another firm, EAS must support both organizations bridging business models that could be at odds. Another example of complexity is how the Affordable Care Act operates. Since it has changed how companies do business, their EAS must embrace the new changes. Additionally, CIO must support new demand without enough funding and limited workforce.

How security and mobility affect Enterprise applications

Most EAS remain vulnerable to online threats because they live on the internet. This means that EAS equally remain susceptible to vulnerabilities, which have brought down excellent e-commerce sites. The starting point for security is inside the application software, authenticating user input to uphold data integrity while taking measures to neutralize injection attacks. For maximum privacy, it is necessary to encrypt your data. Another way of keeping off intruders out and maintaining the security of sensitive data is by use of firewalls. The greatest responsibility of any EAS is to protect an organization’s enterprise data, which is always a company’s greatest asset.

Other challenges posed by enterprise applications relate to mobility. Today, enterprise data is not limited to the office alone since data is going online where customers can conduct business in either offices or homes. Because of mobile devices, you can access data at anytime from anywhere in the world. Therefore, businesses that do not offer mobile services can easily lose its grip of the market to its competitors if it does not keep pace with changing dynamics. Mobile development is not easy. You need a web infrastructure and developers that understand ways of having simpler and focused apps.

Major challenges posed by enterprise applications

Despite the fact that enterprise applications offer a wide range of solutions in securing enterprise data for organizations, it has a series challenges. Firstly, it is never easy to get it right on cloud apps. Even though today’ abstraction of infrastructure helps in application management, it does not simplify the writing of complex distributed applications. As developers get into the infrastructure, services like multi-tenancy, availability, and elasticity become the responsibility of the application.

Another challenge is confusion during choosing. Like never before, developers have numerous options when selecting application services and elements.  The days of using enterprise standard app server, database and web server are gone. This is a good achievement. The additional flexibility has unlocked business value, which would have been very expensive to attain.

Other posed by enterprise applications relate to bureaucracy and too much firefighting.  Did you know that you could easily change technology than changing your culture? Because of an ultra-conservative operational model, software developers do not have the freedom. They fear change because of the unforeseen challenges, which are looming.

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