World Bank Initiative in Yemen’s Education The implementation of GLOI The initiative by World Bank Group to enhance women education in Yemen is a key strategy in attaining overall development and reducing poverty levels in the country. Empowering women in the cities as well as the remote villages to acquire education impacts the community as
            Gender determines the roles that different people play in a community. Most of the gender-specific roles that used to be followed in the past decades have been dropped in the modern world. Gender roles encompass a set of behaviors that are specific to one gender such as participation in housework where women were viewed
The article appearing in New York Times about Harvey Weinstein harassment allegations has created discussion on how people in position often get away with crime. This issue involved Harvey and numerous persons such as Ashley Judd who was invited to a business meeting that later turned out to be sexual harassment (Kantor and Twohey n.p).
“Masculinity as Homophobia”, and Kimmel’s main argument in the article Kimmel refers to masculinity as homophobia to refer to the man fear of humiliation. In detailed context, masculinity homophobia refers to any sign of feminity in a man that draws criticism from peers. He further states that both male and female conform to masculinity phobia
Introduction Transgender human rights issue is contentious in United States. Researchers have delved in the issue for so long. People from different quarters have voiced their concerns on treatment of individuals of transgender. A person is considered a transgender if his or her gender identity does not align to culturally associated and accepted sex during
            For decades same sex couples and other human rights groups have pushed for equal rights and opportunities that extend beyond marriage. They have pushed and deservedly won the right to adoption. Personally, I believe same sex marriage offers children a good environment to develop in since both parents live their lives based on the
TOPIC # 3 QUESTION SHEET EATING DISORDERS Eating disorders are on the rise in this country and affect women in particular. Choose ONE TYPE of eating disorder that is of interest to you and researches it. Some examples are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, etc. When you have chosen your particular eating disorder, examine
Gender Inequality Gender inequality is a common problem in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The issue can be approached through the social, political and social angle. However, the most evident problem is the manner in which women in particular are denied opportunity at the work place which prevents them from taking part in
In the current society, it seems that women have found their place in the society. There is some huge level of equality that some women have been able to enjoy across the world. However, the issues of masculinity and gender dominance have hindered some women from achieving full equality as others in the modern society.
Women’s body commodification The videos focus on how women in modern social society especially those involved in hip-hop music commodify their bodies. The fact that women commodify their bodies in modern society has raised concerns regarding the significance and role of women in society. Unfortunately, these concerns have seen the approval of men’s dominance in