Most physicians in the public and private healthcare domains are issuing computer generated and handwritten prescriptions. In the primary healthcare, policy requires that pharmacists dispense prescriptions under strict supervision. The recent evolution of the healthcare sector in electronic prescription enhances transmission of physicians’ intentions directly to a selected dispensing pharmacy. Although all the workflow in
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? In the article “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” author Jean Twenge discusses the impacts of modern digital technologies on current generations. The author reveals different trends associated with the increased use of technological devices among the young generation. The author points out that technological devices are associated with high occurrences
Cloud computing Introduction The term “cloud computing” refers to a broad category of internet-based resources, including data storage, database, software, analytics, as well as other types of platforms. In the context of IT, a “remote service” refers to any service that can be delivered without physically being present at the hardware. Netflix, for example, makes
Mass media: The Ending of Privacy Introduction The evolution of technology is increasing, similar to how individual info is saved, notwithstanding if it’s individual health data, financial reports, as well as additional individual info reserved on the cloud-based podium. Digital safety worries are faced by dissimilar individuals and establishments worldwide due to the internet. The
What Is the Future of Electric Cars The working thesis, “electric cars are going to outshine fuel-driven cars in future, however they will be faced with numerous challenges,” attempts to investigate the uncertainty of the success of the electric car and how this uncertainty can be solved in order to achieve success. This thesis also
Why is China Building a Space Station China has embarked on an ambitious high-speed catch-up with the US and Russia in its space program. The country is investing millions of dollars in the space program and has recently put its first space station called Tiangong (Heavenly Palace) into orbit. After that, it launched the Tianhe-1,
Technology and Our Children. What place should be given to technology in childhood education?   Technology has become part and parcel of life for people of all ages young and old. To an extent, technology is playing a significant role in daily life for young children. Children aged 2 – 5 years spend at least
REPORT ON RECOMMENDATION ON PURCHASE OF COMPANY EQUIPMENTS AND SERVICE PROVIDER INDRODUCTION The report you requested on October 28 requesting my view on equipment to be purchased and hiring of a fruit vendor. The research process has been through thick and thin, meeting the experts and hearing out their views. Looking at their views, weighing
The Importance of Web Videography and the Features of Production People are very addicted to video content. They constantly get bored and tend to look for something to keep them busy. Video content has filled this role so well, thanks to the internet, smartphones as well as mobile data. Humans not only love video content,
A computer is a device programed to perform a set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. It is started with Abacus, a basic device that executes a mathematical problem. Over the years, most of the daily activities have been influenced by use of computers combined with the internet. The internet is an interconnection of computers