Pfizer and FDA held a meeting about the mRNA COVID-19 19 vaccine. Distribution of the vaccine was an important issue that was discussed in the meeting session. As it was pointed out, there is a great need to ensure proper storage of the vaccine which contains proteins, so that the chemicals in it may not
Research Methods This research utilizes a comparative methodology, case study methodology and quantitative description methodology of monthly time series data from 2001 to 2016 in order to determine the causal relationship between international tourism and terrorism in Europe. Data Collection Population, Sampling technique and Sample For the purpose of this study, a total of 330
The use of animal in research and in the test of the safety of the products has been a topic of heated debate. According to a statistical data collected by F. Barnaba Orlans approximately 60% of all the animals used in testing are used in biomedical research and product safety testing. Although people have different
Technology in Education The development and incorporation of technology in education have made learning easier. In the traditional classroom set-up, the teacher would stand in front of the class and relay knowledge while the students sat and listened. This teacher-centered form of teaching was not a suitable way of learning. Technology-driven learning has been instrumental
Human Subjects in Clinical Trials: Ethical Considerations and Concerns Performing a medical examination is a time and resource-intensive course. Critically, participant identification and maintenance are vital to lowering the cost and amount of time spent on clinical research. Conducting quality research plays a significant role in assessing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of healthcare systems and
One of the commonest tasks in the academic career is PowerPoint presentations. In most cases, you will be required to demonstrate your understanding of a specific topic by providing a detailed PowerPoint presentation. The initial submission can be a report, a review, or an essay. The subsequent submission is usually a presentation which can be
If time to write your dissertation is drawing closer, then you need to be ready with all the necessary insights and strategies to ensure that you come up with the best document in the end. A dissertation marks the final stage of your university studies hence the need to be absolutely keen with what you
Introduction Enterprise Resource Planning is defined as a system software that is always created to help in the organizing, simplification, and automating the operations performed by various corporations within their different departments, such as the human resource, financial, distribution, and procurement sectors, in addition to some other areas of operation within the enterprise. The ERP
Part A – Descriptive questions: 1. Discuss ways an enrolled nurse could identify needs of the person in palliative care, and their family or carers, when providing palliative care support to them. Include in your response examples of specific assessment tools a nurse may use and common needs and preferences they must identify (Bolt et
Introduction Megacities in general can be defined as extremely large urban centers that are home to more than 10 million people. In the recent past, there has been an extremely rising rate of these cities that is mainly contributed to by the constant rural–urban migration of a majority of people within a country. This constant