The Hawaiian religion emanated from the Polynesian ancestors of the Hawaiians who settled in the fertile and physically remote islands. The animalistic and polytheistic nature of the religion implied that they believed in the supernatural powers associated with the cosmos (Hawaii Guide). In particular, they personified and individualized some strange deities derived from the sea,
Reflection on Readings and Instructional Materials In this reflection, my preferred topic is on how the concepts of theology, Christology, and Soteriology can influence my inherent beliefs and perceptions towards Christianity and the existence of the supernatural being. Fundamentally, I gained valuable lessons from the readings and instructional materials on Christology, Theology, and Soteriology. For
            In chapter 12, McGrath focuses on pneumatology which is an area of Christian theology that focuses on the Holy Spirit. The author gives an informative historical background and development of one of the most fundamental biblical doctrines. McGrath underscores the importance of the Holy Spirit as one of the pillars and central dogmas of
The history of Islam covers the social, economic, political, and developments during the Islamic civilization. The earliest available historical evidence establishes the roots of Islam in Mecca and Medina in the early 7th century. This was approximately 600 years after the development of Christianity. The rise and development of Islam are naturally linked with the
            Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are some of the prevalent religions in the world with different historical backgrounds. Judaism was established in 1812 BC, over 3800 years ago. Christianity began in the 1st Century AD while the Islamic religion began in the 7th Century which is approximately 600 years after the beginning of Christianity. Beliefs
Dear Mother, I am writing this to inform you that we arrived safely in Germany. Some people got arrested on the way since we left Syria. It has been a tough journey for all who left the country through Greece and other routes to Germany. We decided to use every possible route to Germany. Some
            The name Malcolm X is often associated with “Nationalism to Islam.” He was one of the few prominent Black American Muslim activists. He was raised in an environment full of racism and discrimination, which made him unable to concentrate well on his education. At the age of fifteen, Malcolm X dropped out of school
            In his book Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis tries to employ logic and reason to prove that God exists in the form of a powerful and non-material creature, and he later supports Jesus Christ’s divinity. The two major arguments in the book are the argument from ethical guidelines and morality and discussion on the
Dear Mum: I greet you in the name of the Living God, the father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. How happy and privileged I am to get this opportunity to write this letter to you. I cannot remember when saw each other last but I can say I have missed you greatly. I have gone
At 36 years Kalanithi was on the home stretch of completing his residency after working for 7 years as a neurosurgeon at Stanford University when he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Growing up, he had seen himself become a writer, only to end up picking the scalpel. He hungered for knowledge. Kalanithi was