The Executive Functions of the Executive The Executive Branch, as provided for by the Constitution, has the US president as its head. The vice president deputizes the president and takes up the position of the president in event of the president’s incapacitation to carry duties bestowed on his office or upon demise of the president.
The Leadership Experience In the book, The Leadership Experience, Daft extensively examines the concept of leadership with his primary focus on understanding the full meaning of leadership. Besides, he outlines some of the personal characteristics or traits that are often associated with effective leadership. In today’s society, leadership is often contingent on both people and
Leadership Effectiveness Characteristics by Which the Effectiveness of an Assistant Coach, a Teacher and a Minister Might Be Evaluated An assistant coach should be able to communicate expectations, build positive relations with his or her players, take the initiative and seek to improve on tactical and technical knowledge continually. He or she should talk often
Methods Assignment Week 2             Logic models are used to explain an idea, resolve a challenge or assess the progress of a program in public administration. They are also used in the support of design, communication, learning, planning and evaluation. Logic models have the ability to exemplify and simplify elements or parts of complex system
Discussion Forum 4 – Nonverbal  Interpersonal communication entails more than just uttering of words, use of tonal change, and facial expression to illustrate the point. Such factors are the components of non-verbal communication and are huge contributors to illustrating a point in comparison to verbal communication. Knapp, Hall, and Horgan argue that majority of interpersonal
Situational Theory of Publics Introduction James Grunig developed the situational theory of publics as an explanation of people’s identification based on their recognition of a problem and the efforts they make to resolve the issue. The theory explains the context of communications and factors that contribute to its effectiveness (Grunig, n.d). Although the approach is
Situational Theory of Publics Introduction Grunig’s situational theory of publics is widely applied as a model for understanding communicative behavior from active to passive communication. The model categorizes the public based on three variables namely problem recognition, constraint recognition and level of involvement. The objective of the theory is to classify publics and thus formulate
Increasing Productivity in The Public Sector Productivity among law enforcers in the community is essential as it ensures that the safety and security of community members are guaranteed at any given time. Motivation plays an important role in ensuring that police officers are highly productive. Besides, it considered a key driver for most individuals in
Why Americans Disapprove Of Congress by a Wide Margin But Habitually, Reelect Their Own Members of Congress Despite the fact that Americans highly disapprove the work of the Congress, voters re-elect the majority of the Congress members in each election. The Americans largely perceive their own representatives positively compared to the entire Congress. Approximately, half
Discussion An earthquake hit Fukushima Daiichi Power Station; it created a crisis on the communication as gaps have been set up by the nuclear industry and the government. The issue was foreseen by Tukakura who raised the issue immediately he took office. However, his concerns were brushed aside by plant operators and they did not