BPS+ Model and Application Introduction Shameless (Michael Hissrich and Terri Murphy 2011) is a television drama series that aired on Showmax for twelve seasons. The plot is on a family of six headed by Frank Gallager, who is an alcoholic. Their estranged mother, Monica, is also an addict. She moves away and comes back and
Genetics And Epigenetics Individual personality can be more influenced by genetics than how parents shape one’s personality (Niitsu et el., 2019). Changes in epigenetic can largely impact individual behaviour since it makes neuron structure and its functions change. This distortion in epigenetic impacts the growth of some organisms in the human brain, which alters how
Self, Identity, and Consciousness Identity is what distinguishes oneself from the other. Psychological-based theories by John Locke and soul-based theories by Rene Descartes are identical concepts that demonstrate identity. The concepts are based on substances such as finite intelligence, bodies, and God. Consciousness is the awareness of the thought or memory and is the property
Effects of social media on Teenagers Social Media plays an important role in Man’s Day to day informational needs, moreover, it has its impact on Teenagers both positively and negatively. On a positive note, social media has enabled Teenagers to enhance their social lives by making friends on social platforms such as Facebook. social media
Freud’s Concept of Narcissism Freud defined narcissism as adoration that individuals accord themselves when they are an object of sexual desire.  According to Freud, narcissism is neurosis. Throughout human life, each person has the same level of narcissism. Additionally, Freud explains that there exist two types of narcissism, secondary and primary. As for primary narcissism,
Internet Addiction and Mental Health In today’s society the internet has become the number one mode of communication. Young adults and adolescents are the most affected by the internet and it has led to the way they interaction, communicate, socialize and maintain their friendships. While there are benefits to live in the digital world, there
Psychology Performance I performed pretty well in the game. I got all the words in the test right. However, I was unable to decipher the message. I did not realize that the coded words meant ‘did you pass this test?’ (National Geographic Video, 2017). The game shows that individuals fail to notice unexpected objects that
Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder to Pregnancy Introduction Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder is basically constrain in a child resulted from a pregnant mother exposing the developing child in the womb to alcohol. FASD comprise Partial FAS, Alcohol related Neurodevelopment Disorder; (ARND), Fetal-Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), and Fetal-Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) (Philip, et, al. 475). These disorders
Interview Project with a Family Member who is a Psychologist For this project, I discussed various aspects of psychology with a Family member with a doctoral degree in psychology. He is a psychologist; his name is Dr. Lee. I am interested in exploring the inspirations that led to a career in psychology, the research experience
Resilience and Healing: A New Perspective The issue presented in the video is the lack of resilience and healing among Black communities in the United States. Dr. Emeka Show, a psychologist and trauma specialist, explains that due to the legacy of racism and oppression, Black people are often unable to process trauma and build resilience