Political Science Sequestration Budget sequestration is a procedure that involves a permanent cancellation of the budget resources by a uniform percentage across all projects, programs, and activities within the budgeted accounts. However, there are exceptions and special rules on individual programs and activities regarding the application of a sequester action (Driessen et al., 2017). Sequester
The past decade has seen a considerable progress of international law in the pursuit of global justice for collective victims of severe historical injustices perpetrated by governing regimes. This move has been fueled by the increasing prominence of democracy and international human rights and the eclipse of sovereignty engendered by globalization. America’s history is entangled
Voting and Elections: The End of the Obama Era             The United States of America has one of the world’s most peculiar political and electoral systems. Put in place by the country’s Founding Fathers with slight amendments over the years by legislators, the systems were conceived with the primary goal of safeguarding the country’s democracy
The Obama’s Deal Question One The Obamacare or Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act came into Law on the 23rd day of March 2010. Notably, the process of enactment of the Act witnessed the significant ideological differences between the Republicans and the Democrats in the house (Kirk, Gilmore & Wiser, 2019). For instance, even
NO! The Supreme Court justices should not be elected. When an election is introduced to the Supreme Court justices, this will undermine the rule of law greatly in the country. Let the elected representative nominate quality judges, and then the appointed judges do their work without interference so long as they conduct themselves honestly. Reasons
Groups of frontline work or policy implementers are street-level bureaucrats. Often, their commitment to providing quality service and engaging in socially useful jobs is hindered by the environmental challenges they encompass, and thus it is impossible to serve clients as they have been trained. Instead, the personnel develops specific patterns of practice that aids them
Research Design: Impacts of Terrorism on Society Introduction The issue of terrorism has attracted considerable attention over the years. Focus and debates on the topic have become extensive since the September 11, 2001terrorist attack on the United States. It is unfortunate that several incidences of terrorism continue to be witnessed year in year out despite
            The film Lawrence of Arabia is rife with orientalism. It is a perfect example of the British projecting their cultural values on the lives of Arabs and also interference in the affairs of Arabs, by foreign persons. The cultural value of the movie is overhyped, as the western audience does not understand the significance
Political Science: Voting Decisions The statement “a candidate has a majority of the vote yet lost the election using the plurality method” does not make any sense. The majority of the vote may declare a candidate a winner only if in addition to receiving the most votes, the candidate receives the majority of the votes,
The American government significantly influenced the governance of public education in America. The local leadership governed the education system for each of their local communities, and this was the same method of leadership in America during the revolution. Several America colonies established their laws of governance. After the revolution, Jefferson developed new roles that resulted