Dosimetry of Static and Moving Targets in IMRT and VMAT Meaning of dosimetry             Dosimetry refers to the measurement of the dose that is absorbed and which is delivered by ionizing radiation. It is a scientific sub – specialty that is mostly applied in medical physics and health physics. In more specific terms, dosimetry in
Perfect Candidate A perfect candidate is a person who is able to mobilize the public to work hard in terms of tax contribution and safeguarding the country’s wealth in order to build the nation. He has the following attributes. The first involves applying zero tolerance to corruption that denies people an opportunity to exercise their
Skepticism and knowledge Introduction One of the greatest concerns on the topic of epistemology has been the correlation between skepticism and knowledge. To determine the correlation between the two terms, having a clear understanding of their definitions is essential. First, skepticism is defined as having a questioning attitude or behavior towards beliefs or opinions that,
Determinism and Free Will Introduction When the topic of metaphysics is mentioned, focus shifts to philosophical perspectives that give an explanation of the fundamental nature of being or existence and the universe that encompasses both. Metaphysics often seeks to answer basic questions, such as “what is there” and “what is it like.” One of the
Goodness and Badness of Actions Introduction The field of axiology focuses on values or ethics and aesthetics, perspectives that are part of everyday life. For a long time, there have been debates on whether particular behaviors exhibited by people in day-to-day life are right or wrong, and it is in such scenarios that the concept