Sample Nursing Paper on Current strategies to implement informatics into the nursing curriculum: An integrative review  Discussion: Nursing Discussion 1 Nurse educators face many challenges in preparing learners to confront the rising complexities of the work setting. The current expanded use of information systems and computers implore all healthcare workers, mostly nurses to interface with
Introduction Preeclampsia is a hypertensive disorder in pregnancy and is characterized by high blood pressure more than 140/90mmHg or excess protein in urine after 20 weeks of pregnancy. This medical condition is among the leading cause of maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in both developed and developing countries. Globally estimated 2-8% of complicated pregnancies
Minimum Standards for Staffing of Registered Professional Nurses in New Jersey There are higher levels of acuity experienced among patients in health care facilities presently than in the past. According to recent studies, this current trend is attributed to changes in the delivery of health services which highlights a relationship between adequacy in the staffing
Nursing reflection on patient Communication The profession of a nurse is primarily reliant on verbal and written communication. As a result of this, interactions between therapists and their patients can either improve or deteriorate. As of the time of this writing (Younas and Maddigan (2019, p. 1622). Everything comes down to perspective at the end
Human Subjects in Clinical Trials: Ethical Considerations and Concerns Performing a medical examination is a time and resource-intensive course. Critically, participant identification and maintenance are vital to lowering the cost and amount of time spent on clinical research. Conducting quality research plays a significant role in assessing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of healthcare systems and
Application of Palliative Approach in Nursing Practice Part A – Descriptive questions: Discuss ways an enrolled nurse could identify needs of the person in palliative care, and their family or carers, when providing palliative care support to them. Include in your response examples of specific assessment tools a nurse may use and common needs and
Nursing Theories Nightingale’s Theory Florence Nightingale established the environmental theory for patient care. It proposes using intuition to modify environments and make them helpful to promote health (DeNisco & Barker, 2015). As such, medical conditions occur differently with each patient. Therefore, having factual information on useful strategies can be futile in case of emergencies. Hence,
Future as an APRNS in the primary care setting Introduction. APRNS are registered nurses who have advanced in terms of education status that is they have gone beyond normal nursing and done masters and a doctorate in nursing, they have also advanced in practice and they have become specialist nurses for instance you find them
Genetics and Genomics Nurse preceptors majorly use evidence-based practices to assist new registered nurses in a particular unit by offering very important feedback, setting their learning aims and objectives, teaching hospital protocols, and encouraging critical thinking. It entirely takes the effort, time, and proper education to become a nurse preceptor. Genetics is considered the study
Personal Philosophy of Nursing Being positioned in the healthcare system to take care of patients and tending to their needs while at the same time applying my acquired skills would be my perfect definition of nursing. Although the professional field has its fair share of problems ranging from long working hours, dangerous working environments to