Question 1 Surveillance is the systematic, routine, and focused attention to personal information for security purposes (Lyon 2). Digital scrutiny is the “new surveillance” system that has become increasingly popular among many countries in the world. This strategy has its origin in the advancement of technology, the evolution of phones, and increased access to the
            Upon choosing to research the future of airport development, Christopher Batiste offers two options: the construction of new airports or the expansion of the existing facilities. Batiste provides the justification that the existing facilities will be unlikely to accommodate the demand for air travel, which will likely double by 2035 according to statistics by
LTL freight transport is more preferred to truckload shipping when the load involved is less and cannot completely fill a truckload. It is commonly referred to as less than truckload shipping and abbreviated as LTL shipping. The opposite of LTL shipping is full truckload shipping (FTL) which occurs when a single transporter gathers enough cargo
Logistics My favorite topics in this course were demand management and customer service. To begin with, I know the importance of proper interaction with the customer. Customers determine the success or failure of a business. For me, I was majorly interested in customer service as I would get the tips on how to keep customers
Introduction Wal-mart is facing significant threat to maximize sales and profits because of the stiff competition from similar stores, such as Dollar General and Amazon (Mark 1). Because of stiff competition from other stores, Wal-mart has experienced nine consecutive declining sales in all fiscal quarters. The competitors have copied Wal-mart’s distribution channel strategy to increase
Advanced Information Systems Advanced information systems will automate some routine project activities by making an analysis of data and information faster than before. These advanced information systems allow a manager to handle all time issues, including when the workers should start and finish their routine project activities (Bozarth & Handfield, 2014). In response to this,
Outsourcing to Low Cost Countries Advantages and Drawbacks             Outsourcing represents the process employed by businesses to decrease outlays through issuing some tasks to outside suppliers instead of seeking to complete it internally. Low Cost Countries denote procurement policies where a company sources from nations that offer cheap labor and low costs of production in
An Analysis of Banana Supply Chain in Australia Using E-Logistics Framework Advantages and Disadvantages of the Implementation of e-logistics The choice of the e-logistics in the banana supply chain is seen as a solution to the problem of transporting bananas to China. Ideally, there are several challenges and disadvantages related to the transportation of bananas
Question 1 The main issue in the case study is the need for the University Hospital to relocate the Centralized trauma unit. This is because most of the patients in the trauma unit usually need specialized care different from the other patients in the hospital. To begin with, patients in the trauma care often suffer
Reverse Logistics The term reverse logistics refers to the exercise of receiving returned products or components from customers for the purpose of obtaining value from those products and components (Ailawadi, & Rakesh, 2012). It also refers to the process of planning, executing and managing the backward flow of raw materials (Dekker et al., 2010). The